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MOD 110 Unit 2

Accident Unexpected happening, cause injury tracable to a definite time and place
Adjudication Final determination of the issues involving settlement of an insurance claim
By Report A report must be submitted with the claim when the notation "BR" follows the proceworkers' compensation fee scheduales
Claims Examiner In industrial cases a representative of the insurer who authorizes treatment and investigates,evaluates, and negotiates the patients insurance claim and acts for the company in the settlement of claims
Compromise and Release Agreement arrived at. wheather in or out of court, for settling a workers compensation case after the patient has been declared permanent and stationary
Deposition Process of taking sworn testimony from a witness out of court
Ergonomic Science and technology that seek to fit the anatomic and physical needs of the worker tot he workplace
Extraterritorial State laws effective outside the state by either specific provision or court decision
Federal Employees Compensation Act An act instituted in 1908 providing benefits for on-the-job injuries to all federal employees
Created by: Stine25