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Chapter 35

What is the medical assistants role in the exam room? preparing the exam room for a patient and doctors is your responsibility.
What is an General Exam? An exam to confirm a patients health or diagnose a medical problem.
What is the customary size of an exam room? 8x12 feet.
What does an exam room table contain for the patient to get on the table? A pullout step.
What is the first step in preventing infection transmission in the exam room? Handwashing(Clean Hands)
What does ADA stand for and what do they require? The Americans With Disabilities Act(1990). Requires that businesses, services, and public transportation provide "reasonable accomadations" for individuals with diabilites.
What is Accessibilty? Refers to the ease with which people can move in and out of a space.
How do you remove a covering from the exam table? Roll it up quickly and carefully and dispose of it.
When should surfaces be disinfected? After an exam. immediatly following accidental blood or body fluid spills or splatter, and at the end of your work shift.
What should the exam room tempeture be? approx. at 72 degrees f.
Why is good lighting required? to make accurate diagnosis, correctly carry out medical procedures, to read orders and instuctions, and to prevent accidents.
How can exposure spread? Inhalation, Ingestion, and transcutaneous absorption.
What is an Laryngeal mirror? Mirror that reflects the inside of the mouth and throat.
What is a nasal speculum used for? To enlarge the opening of the nose to permit view.
What does an ophthalmoscope view? A lighted instrument that is used to examine the inner structure of the eye.
What is an otoscope? Used to examine the ear canal and the tympanic membrane.
What is used to measure Blood pressure? A sphygmomanometer. (Blood pressure cuff)
What does a doctor use to listen to a heart? A stethoscope.
An OB-GYN uses what to view a vagina? A vaginal speculum. used to enlarge the vagina and cervix to view.
What are consumable supplies? Items that can be emptied or used up in the exam room.
What is Isopropyl alcohol used for. cleansing the skin.
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