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Chapter 2 Pharmacy

Medical Terminology

all cell abnormal reduction pancytopenia
white blood condition leukemia
poison resembling toxoid
extremity pain acrodynia
middle form pertaining to mesomorphic
beyond or excessive sound process of recording ultrasonography
fast heart condition of tachycardia
pus formation pyopoiesis
gland inflammation adenitis
large or long head pertaining to macrocephalous
alongside of puncture for aspiration paracentesis
small stone or correct foot pertaining to orthopedic
vessel enlargement angiomegaly
mind treatment psychiatry
cancer origin or production carcinogenisis
kidney one who specializes in study or treatment of nephrologist
nose narrow condition or increase rhinostenosis
below or deficient water process hypohydration
air or gas stomach pain aerogastralgia
fiber tumor fibroma
death attraction for necrophilia
hard condition or increase sclerosis
blood breaking down or dissolution hemolysis
topmost or extremity exaggerated fear or sensitivity condition of acrophobia
cell instrument for measurement cytometer
blue pertaining to cyanotic
outside vessel pertaining to extravascular
above or excessive nourishment or development condition or process of hypertrophy
above the nose supranasal
make active again reactivate
before surgery preoperative
not watered dehydrated
across or through the skin transdermal
excessively severe superacute
below or under the navel infraumbilical
outside the heart exocardia
difficult voice dysphonia
to turn away from abduction
to gaurd before prophylaxis
around a blood vessel circumvascular
half paralysis hemiplegia
inflammation of the kidney nephritis
dissolution or breakdown of the kidney nephrolysis
incision of the kidney nephrotomy
developing from the kidney nephrogenous
surgical fixation of the kidney nephropexy
creation of an opening in the kidney nephrostomy
excision of the kidney nephrectomy
presence of kidney stones nephrolithiasis
kidney tumor nephroma
hernia of the kidney nephrocele
suture of the kidney nephrorrhaphy
downward displacement of the kidney nephroptosis
A surgical operation in which a piece of the colon is diverted to an artificial opening in the abdominal wall so as to bypass a damaged part of the colon. colostomy
suture of the vas deferens vasorrhaphy
centesis of the belly to remove fluid for diagnosis abdominocentesis
ab- away from
inter- between
para- alongside
peri- around
retro- behind
intra- within
anti- against or opposed to
an- without
ecto- outside
dia- across or through
poly- many
hypo- below or deficient
oligo- few or deficient
mono- one
pan- all
ultra- beyond or excessive
bi- two or both
quadri- four
semi- half
infra- below or under
hyper- above or excessive
ante- before
post- after
tachy- fast
brady- slow
re- again
a- without
pod/o foot
or/o mouth
neo- new
-plasty surgical repair
-ation process
-tripsy crushing
-ecstasis expansion
-dextro right
melan/o black
tri- three
erythr/o red
quadri- four
leuk/o white
uni- one
cyan/o blue
bi- two
oligo- few
dextr/o right
sinistr/o left
-gram record
-osis condition or increase
-ectomy excision
-ar pertaining to
-rrhexis rupture
-ula small
-ism condition of
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