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The Respiratory System

Respiratory, Questions.Respiratory, Answers
BRONCHUS ? Any of the Major Air Passages of the Lungs.
BRONCHIOLE ? Any of the Minute divisions of the BRONCHUS.
EPIGLOTIS ? Flap of Cartilage at the Root of the Toungue, Depressed during Swallowing to Cover the Windpipe.
GLOTIS ? The Space at the Upper end of the Windpipe & between the Vocal Cords.
LARYNX ? The Hollow Muscular Organ forming an Air Passage to the Lungs Holding the Vocal Cords.
TRACHEA ? The Passage through which Air reaches the Bronchial Tubes from the Larynx.
ANOXIA is ? Absence of Oxygen ?
APNOEA is ? Cessation of Breathing.
DYSPNOEA is ? Difficulty Breathing.
HYPOXIA is ? Deficiency of Oxygen Reaching Tissues.
HYPOVENTILATION is ? Breathing at an Abnormally Low Rate.
HYPERVENTILATION is ? Rapid Breathing.
PULMONARY ? Realating to the LUNGS.
BRONCHITIS is ? Inflammation of the Mucus Membrane in the Bronchial Tubes.
BRONCHOPNEUMONIA is ? Inflamation of the Lungs, arising in the Bronchi or Bronchioles.
BRONCHODILATOR is a ? Substance which causes Widening of the Bronchi, used esp to Alleviate ASTHMA.
ASTHMA is ? Respiratory Disease often with Paroxysms of Difficulty Breathing.
EMPHYSEMA is ? Enlargement of the Air Sacs of the Lungs causing Breathlessness.
LARYNGITIS is ? Inflamation of the LARYNX.
OEDEMA is ? Watery Fluid collecting in the Lungs.
PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS ? Form of Tuberculosis caused by inhaling the Tubercle Bacillus into the Lungs.
(Q) Describe the CHEMICAL PROCESS of RESPIRATION ? Chemical For Co2, Stimulates Respiratory Centre in Medulla, Increase Respiratory Drive, PH Control of Blood (Buffer System)
(Q) Cause of CHRONIC BRONCHITIS ? Caused by Exposure to Irritants, such as Cigarette Smoke, Exhaust Fumes & other Atmospheric Pollutants.
(Q) CHRONIC BRONCHITIS is Made Worse by ? COLD Damp Conditions.
(Q) Describe the Progression of CHRONIC BRONCHITIS ? Changes occur to Mucus membrane of the BRONCHI, OEDEMA, Narrowing of bronchioles due to Fibrosis reduced Cilliary activity, Stagnant mucous may partialy or completely block small Bronchioles resulting in DYSPNOEA & HYPOXIA.
(Q) ASPHYXIA, Name 5 Causes ? (c/l o o i/l p) 1.Chest or Lung Trama. 2.Obstruction of Air Passages. 3.Non Oxygen Atmospheres. 4.Ilness or Lung Disease. 5.Paralysis of Respiratory Nerves or Muscles.
Created by: Grendeloak