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terms 3520

polymyalgia pain in several muscle groups
fasciodesis binding fascia to a skeletal attachment
dystaxia difficulty in controlling voluntary movement
tenoplasty surgical repair of a tendon
hypertonia condition of excessive tone of the skeletal muscle
kinesiology study of muscular activity and the movement of body parts
dystonia a condition of abnormal muscle tone
myocele protrusin of a muscle through its ruptured sheath or fascia
dyskinesia distortion or impairment of voluntary movement
heriorrhaphy surgical suturing of a defect in a muscular wall to repair a hernia
sphincterotomy surgical incision into or division of a sphincter muscle
neuropathy damage to the nerves
tenodesis surgical suturing of a tendon to a bone
myolysis degeneration of muscle tissue
myosclerosis abnormal hardening of muslcle tissue
heriectomy surgical removal of a hernia
atonic lacking normal tone or strength
Epicondylitis inflammation of the tissues surrounding the elbow
fibrositis inflammation of the fibrous connective tissue
lateralis located away from the mid-plane of the body
quadriplegia paralsis of all four extremities
myonecrosis death of individual muscle fibers
atrophy weakness or wearing away of body tissues and structures
bradykinesia extreme slowness in movement
cardiotomy surgical incision of the heart
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