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Stack #66575

Ms. Moneybags Respiratory Coding

Term or AcronymDefinition or Answer
Endoscopy Rule #1 always code to the farthest site
ABG arterial blood gas
ARDS adult respiratory distress syndrome
BiPAP bi-level positive airway pressure
PFT pulmonary function test
TLC total lung capacity
TLV total lung volume
Ausculation listening to sounds, such as lung sounds
Bilobectomy surgical removal of two lobes of a lung
Bronchoscopy inspection of the bronchial tree using a bronchoscope
Intubation insertion of a tube
lobectomy surgical removal of a lobe of a lung
Pneumocentesis surgical puncturing of a lung to remove fluid
Spirometry mesuring lung capacity
Thoracotomy surgical incision into the chest wall
Transtracheal across the trachea
Endoscopy rule #2 code correct approach
Created by: Ms. Moneybags