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Pediatric Board Review 2011

Lift head when held; Lifts head and chest when lying on stomach; Wiggle and kick with arms 3 months; gross motor
Often hold hands open or loosely fisted; grasp rattle 3 months; fine motor
Turns head toward bright colors; turn to sound of voice; recognizes bottle or breast 3 months; cognitive skills
Cooing, gurgling; Smiles back; Communicates through crying Anticipates being lifted Reacts to Peak-a-boo 3 months; language and social
Holds head when sitting; Pull to sitting; Sit with little support; Rolls over Bounce when in standing position 6 months; gross motor
Reach for and grasp objects; plays with toes; Helps with holding bottle ; explores with mouth and banging objects; transfer object from one hand to other 6 months ; fine motor
Opens mouth for spoon; imitate familiar actions 6 months ; cognitive skills
Babbles; Familiar faces; laugh and squeal with delight; scream if annoyed; smile at self in mirror 6 months; language/social
Knock two blocks together; Sits without support; Crawl on hands and knees; Pull to stand; cruises; stand alone momentarily; walk with one hand held; cooperate with dressing 12 months; Gross motor
drink from cup with help; feed self finger food; princer grasp; uses first finger to point; put blocks into a container 12 months; fine motor
copy sounds and actions; respoond to music with body motion; object permanence 12 months; cognitive
Says first word; recognize family members names; Shows affection to familiar adults; Separation anxiety; Apprehension about strangers; raises arms to be picked up; understands simple commands 12 months; lang/social
Like to pull, push, and dump; pull off hat, socks, mittens; turns pages in a book; stacks two blocks; carry a stuffed toy; scribbles with crayons; walks without help; runn stiffly 18 month; motor skills
Identify and object in a book; laugh at silly actions; look for objects that are out of sight; follows 1 step directions; solve problems with trial and error 18 months; cognitive
Say 8-10 words; ask specifically for mother or father; ask for something by pointing; shares toy with parent; act out familiar play; plays alone with toys 18 months ; lang/social
Drink from a straw; feed self with spoon; helps in washing hands; put arms in sleeves with hep builds a tower off 3-4 blocks Toss or roll a arge ball opens things bend over to pick up a toy walks up steps with help take steps backwards 24 months; Motor
Takes things apart; explores surroundings; point to 5 or 6 body parts 24 months; Cognitive
Vocab - several hundred words; Uses 2-3 workd sentences; Confort a distressed friend; Takes turns in play; apply pretend action to others; refers to self as "me or mine"; Verbalize desires and feelings; laugh at simple humor 24 months; lang/social
feeds self; open doors; hold glass with one hand and crayon well; washes hands; throws ball overhand; puts on shoes; toilet with help; Walks up steps with alt feet; walks of tiptoes; kicks ball forward; jump with both feet; pedal a tricycle 36 months; motor
Remember what happened yesterday; Where things belong; Pretend play; Look through a book alone; match circles and squares; match objects; follow simple commands 36 months; congnitive
3-5 words sentences; ask short quest; uses plurals; name 10 familiar objects; One color; Imitate housework; Ask to use toilet; talk about feeling; Demonstrates shame when doing wrong; Try to make others laugh; Group play; Know first/last name 36 months; Lang/social
Try to use fork; Hold pencil; Try to write name; Draws circle; Draws face; Sometimes unbutton buttons Comp undress; brush teeth with help; Build tower 7-9 blocks; simple puzzle 4-12 pieces; uses toilet alone; try to skip; walk down stairs 4 years; motor
Recognize red, yellow, blue; understands taking turns; Sort by shape and color; distinguish between real and imaginary; Wants to know what will happen next 4 years; Cognitive
Enjoys rhyming and nonsense words; regular past tenses verbs; ask direct questions; why and how?; relates a simple experience; help cleaning; likes to play "dress up" 4 years; lang/social
Imaginary play; act out elaborate events in story; cooperates with other children; change rules of game; try to bargin; share when asked; know age and town 4 years ; lang/social
rebellion; point of view of others; fewer outburst; more ability to endure frustration; self-conscious 6-12yo; lang/social
early stages of concrete thinking; read and write in early middle childhood; can think through actions attention span longer with age 6-12yo; mental development
follows object past midline; lifts head and shoulders off bed in prone position 2mo; motor
head lag disappears by 5 months; moro disappears by 3-6 months; bears weight on forearms while prone; rols from prone to supine; bears weight while held standing 4 months; motor
ability to transfer object from one hand to the other; reaches for objects; sits with support; rolls over in both directions 6 months; motor
bangs two blocks together; sits without support 9 months; motor
turns when name is called; plays peek a boo 9 month; cog/behavioral
mama/dada non-specific 9 month; expressive/receptive
stranger anxiety 9 months; social
takes a few steps; pincer grasp drinks from a cup held by another person pulls to stand and cruises 12 months; motor
mama/dada specific 12 months; expressive/receptive
gives and takes a ball; drinks from a cup; scribbles with a crayon; puts cube into a cup; walks independently; stoops to floor and recovers to standing position 15 month; motor
speaks 3-6 additional words besides ;mama/dada points to one body part follow single step command without needing gesturing 15 month; expressive/receptive
self feeding with a spoon; stack 2 cube tower; throws ball; walks upstairs while holding hand 18 month; motor
imitates household chores like sweeping/vacuuming 18 month; cognitive/behavioral
10-20 word vocabulary 18 months; expressive/receptive
builds a tower of 4 blocks; releases a raisin into a bottle; spontaneous scribbling 16-19 months; motor
builds a tower of 6 cubes; washes and dries hands; removes clothing; kicks a ball; jumps with 2 feet 24 months; motor
greater than 50 word vocabulary; starts using pronouns "I, Me, You"; Speech is 50% intelligible to a stranger 24 months; expressive/receptive
copies a circle; puts on a t-shirt/shorts; stacks a tower of 8 cubes; stands on one foot for 1-2 seconds; pedals tricycle; climbs stairs alternating feet 36 months; motor
imitates a vertical line drawn with a crayon; knows name of friend; understands basic adjectives, tired, hungry, etc 36 months; cognitive/behavioral
speaks with 5-8 word sentences; 75% of what is said is intelligible; starts using what and who 36 months; expressive/receptive
walks up and down stairs; draws a simple drawing of a person; balances on 1 foot for 4 seconds 4 yo; motor
dresses and brushes teeth without help; names 4 colors 4 yo; cognitive/behavioral
asks questions where, why, how, what?; 100% intelligible to a stranger 4 yo; expressive/receptive
pretend play 4 yo; social
draws a person with 6 body parts; prepares a bowl for food; skips alternating feet 5 yo; motor
plays board games; counts 5 blocks ; names all the primary colors 5 yo; motor
defines words 5 yo; expressive/receptive
ties shoelaces; rides a bicycle 6 yo; motor
writes name; knows right from left 6 yo; cognitive/behavioral
counts 10 objects 6 yo; expressive/receptive
draws a circle 3 yo; shape
draws a cross 4 yo; shape
draws a square 5 yo; shape
draws a triangle 6 yo; shape
draws a diamond 7 yo; shape
birth weight is regained by 10-14 days; birth weight
birth weight doubles by 4 months; birth weight
birth weight triples by 12 months; birth weight
birth wight quadruples by 24 months; birth weight
birth length increases by 50% at 1 year; birth length
birth length doubles by 4 years; birth length
birth length triples by 13 years; birth length
central incisors erupt 6-12 mo; fall out 6-10 yr
lateral incisors erupt 7-16 mo; fall out 7-8 yr
canines or cuspids erupt 16-23 mo; fall out 9-12 yrs
first molars erupt 12-19 mo; fall out 9-11 yrs
second molars erupt 20-22 mo; fall out 10-12 yrs
Created by: faithsfocus