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or/o mouth
stomat/o mouth of stomach or organ
gloss/o tongue
bucc/o cheek
cheil/o lip
dent/o teeth (odont/o)
gingv/o gums
lingu/o tongue
sial/o saliva, saliva glands
esophag/o esophagus
pharyng/o pharynx (throat)
gastr/o stomach
pylor/o pylorus
duoden/o duodenum (1st part sm. intestine)
jejun/o jejunum (2nd part sm. intestine)
ile/o ileum (3rd part sm. intestine)
enter/o intestine (usually sm. intestine)
append/o appendix (appendic/o)
col/o colon (colon/o)
sigmoid/o sigmoid colon
rect/o rectum
proct/o anus, rectum
an/o anus
hepat/o liver
pancreat/o pancreas
cholangi/o bile vessel
chol/e bile, gall
cholecyst/o gallbladder
choledoch/o bile duct
-emesis vomit
-iasis abnormal condition
lith/o stone, calculus
-orexia appetite
-pepsia digestion
-prandial meal
dia- through, across
peri- around
sub- under, below
ankyl/o stiffness, crooked, bent
arthr/o joint
brachi/o arm
carp/o carpus (wristbone)
cephal/o head
cost/o ribs
cervic/o neck, cervix, uteri, (neck of uterus)
condyl/o condyle
dactyl/o diget, fingers & toes
tal/o ankle
femor/o femur (thigh bone)
fibul/o fibula (sm. bone / lower leg)
humer/o humerus (upper arm bone)
ili/o ilium (lateral, flaring portion of hip)
ischi/o ischium (lower hip bone)
ile/o ileum (3rd part sm. intestine)
lumb/o loins (low back)
thorac/o chest
tendin/o tendon
vertebr/o vertebrae (backbone) describes structure of anatomy
lamin/o lamina (thin flat surface or membrance)
stern/o sternum (breast bone)
tibi/o tibia (lg. bone - lower leg)
metcarp/o metcarpus (hand bone)
orth/o straight
oste/o bone
phalang/o phalanges (bones of fingers & toes)
patell/o patella (kneecap)
ped/i childs foot
pod/o foot
pelv/i pelvis
pub/o pubic (pelvis bone ->anterior part of pelvic bone)
rhabdomy/o rod-shaped muscle
rachi/o spine
spondyl/o vertebrae (back bone - conditions of structure)
-per through
dia- across, through
-ultra excess, beyond
-plasty surgical repair
-poresis porous
-blast embryonic cell
-clasis break, fracture, refracture
-desis binding, fixation (of bones / joints), fushion
-malacia softening
sub- below, under
syn- joined, together, union
-rrhea discharge, flow
-rrhagia bursting forth
-rrhexis rupture
-physis growth
-schisis a splitting, cleft, fissure
-scopy process of visual examination
-scope instrument for examining
-atomy process of cutting
-ostomy creating artifical opening
stomat/o mouth of stomach or organ
inter- between
-metry act of measuring
-algia pain
-dynia pain
aer/o air
acr/o extremities
duoden/o duodenum (1st part of sm intestine)
jejun/o jejunum (2nd part of sm intestine)
ile/o ileum (3rd part of sm intestine)
enter- intestines (usually sm intestines)
orth/o straight
metcar/o metacarpus (hand bone)
patell/o patella (kneecap)
leiomy/o smooth muscle (visceral)
muscul/o muscle
fasci/o band, fascia (fibrous membrane supporting & separating muscles)
synov/o synovial membrane, synovial fluid
faci/o face
tresia- opening
tend/o tendon (ten/o)
tresia- opening
fasci/o band, fascia (fibrous membrane supporting & separating muscles)
faci/o face
tend/o tendon (ten/o)
chondr/o cartilage
leiomy/o smooth muscle
muscul/o muscle (my/o, myos/o)
syn- joined, together, union
supra- above, excessive, superior
-desis binding, fixation, fushion
-clast break, fracture, refracture (-clasis)
-asthenia weakness, debility
fibr/o fiber, fibrous tissue
fasci/o band, fascia (fibrous membrane supporting & separating muscles
leiomy/o smooth muscle
muscul/o muscle (my/o, myos/o)
acromi/o acromion (projection of scapula)
clavicul/o clavicule (collar bone)
scoli/o crooked, bent
orth/o straight
kypl/o hill, mountain
ankly/o stiffness, crooked, bent
lamin/o lamina (part of vertebral arch)
coccyg/o coccyx (tail bone)
metatars/o metatarsus (foot bone)
metacarp/o metacarpus (hand bone)
vertebr/o vertebrae (describes structure of anatomy) backbone
spondly/o vertebrae (conditions of structure) backbone
patell/o patella (kneecap)
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