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Chapter1 Quiz

two questions @ the heart of geographic inquiry? 1. where are people/activities found on earth? 2. why are they found there?
two broad categories in which geography is divided? 1. human- study of where & why human activities are located where they are 2. physical- study of where & why natural forces occur as they do
two main features of human geography in which our book is divided? human culture & human economy
5 basic concepts geographers use to help explain the world? place, region, scale, space & connection
describe place. specific point on eath distinguished by a particular character; occupies a uniqua location or position on earth
describe region. are of eath distinguished by a distinctive combination of cultural & physical features
describe scale. relationship b/w the portion of eath being studied & earth as a whole
describe space. refers to the physical gap or interval b/w two objects
describe connection. relationships among people & objects across the barrier of space.
define map. 2D/flat-scale model of earth's surface
define cartography. science of map-making
two people who have contributed two cartography & how? Aristotle- demonstrated that earth is spherical Eratosthenes- created the word "geography" & almost exactly calculated eath's circumference.
define map scale. relationship of a feature's size on a map compared to on earth.
map scale is represented in what 3 ways? fraction, ratio, written statement
what is a large scale map? less area, more detail; county map
what is a small scale map? more area, less detail; world map
define projection. the scientific method of transferring locations on earth's surface to a flat map
four types of distortion that can result in making a map of earth? shape, distance, relative size & direction
describe shape. more elongated or squat
describe distance. b/w two points, can be increased or decreased
describe relative size. one area may appear larger than another on a map but in reality be smaller
describe direction. from one place to another, can be distorted
define remote sensing. the aquisition of data about earth's surface from a satellite orbiting earth or from other long-distance methods
define geographic information systems (GIS). computer system that can capture, store, query, analyze & display geographic data
define global positioning system (GPS). system that determines accurately the precise position of something on earth
four ways geograohers identify location. place name, site, situation & mathematical location
define toponym & give an example. name given to a place on earth; Paulding County, GA
define site and give an example. physical character of a place; climate
define situation and gave an example. location of a place relative to other places; directions.
meridian? arc drawn b/w north & south poles
parallel? circle drawn around the globe parallel to equator, right angle to meridians
longitude? number sustem that locates meridians
prime meridian? merididna that passes through the Royal Observatory @ Greenwich, England, 0 long.
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)? time @ the prime meridian
International Date Line? follows 180degrees; longitude (mostly)- when crossed: turn back one day if you are headed east, turn forward one day if you are headed west
what is cultural landscape? a combination of cultural, economic & physical features
how is cultural landscape related to refion? region drives its unified character from cultural landscape
formal region? are w/in which everyone shares one or more distinct characteristics
funtional region? area organized around a node or focal point
vernacular region? place that people believe exists as part of their cultural identity
what is culture? the body of customary beliefs, material traits & social forms that form the tradition of a group of people
two meanings of the latin word "cultus"? (meants to care for) to care about- to adore/worship something to take care of- to nurse or look after something
what is cultural ecology? the geographic study of human- environment relationships
environmental determinism? idea from the 1900s concentrating on how the physical environment effected social development in a place (ex. hot weather makes people lazy)
possibilism? idea that physical environment may limit some actions, but people have the ability to adjust to their environment
how have the Dutch modified their environment? polders- to reclaim land below Sealevel dikes- to hold back the North Sea from flooding much of the country
define polder. piece of land that is created by draining water from an area.
how have Floridians modified their environment? seawalls & jetties have been built to protect barrier islands, drained 1/3 of the everglades for national park and sugar cain production, built levees, canals, pumping stations to protect cities like Miami & sugar cain fields from flooding- DIDN'T WORK
Created by: tanmonkeyface
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