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A MIBC test 02/07/07

Aliens are eligible for Medicare A& B true
The time limit for sending Medicare claim is the end of the calendar year false
3) When CMS 1500 is electronically transmitted Medicare by medigap there is no need for separate signature false
When a Medicare participant chooses a senior Medicare plan the forfeit their card false
There is a limit on the number of Medicare benefit periods a patient can have for hospital care false
Benefits of medigap policies my vary from one state to another true
) Funds for Medicare part b come equally true
Each Medicare hospital benefit period consist of 60 consecutive days in hospital or snf false
Once a patient changes from a Medicare to a senior home they must stay for a year false
) Medicare part A is run by CMS
What is the frequency of Pap test that can be billed to Medicare patient that is low risk 24 months
In the Medicare program there is medical mandatory assignment for clinical laboratory test
Payments to hospital for Medicare services are classified by DRG
When Medicare transmittits to medgap crossover
Visual of ear otoscopy
A NPI number is issued by CMS what does NPI stand for National provider identifier
The region on the back of the eye where the retina meets the optic nerves optic disk
Photo sensitive receptors in the retina that make color perception possible cones
) Pertaining to within the eye intraocular
choroid- Middle, vascular layer of the eye, between the retina and the sclera
conjunctiva delicate membrane lining the eyelids and covering the anterior eyeball
ciliary body structure on each side of the lens that connects the choroid and iris. It contains cilary muscles which control the shape of the lens and it secretes aqueous humor
cornea fibrous transparent layer of clear tissue that extends over the anterior portion of the eyeball
lens transparent, biconvex body behind the pupil of the eye it bends refracts light rays to bring them into focus on the retina
retina light sensitive nerve cell layer of the eye containing photoreceptor cells (rods and cones)
vitreous humor soft, jelly-like material behind the lens helps maintain the shape of the eyeball
iris colored portion of the eye
pupil dark opening of the eye surrounded by the iris, through which light rays pass
Sclera tough, white, outer coat of the eyeball
What eye structure is transparent,biconvex,and focuses light on the retina lens
myopia nearsightedness
channel between the middle ear and the nasopharynx semicircular canal
bacterial infection of the middle ear serous otitis media
photosensitive receptor cells that make vision in dim light possible are rods
inflammation of the middle ear otitis media
surgocal repair of the eardrum tympanoplasty
The letters preceeding the number on the patients medicare identifacation card indicate railroad retiree
The part B of medicare annual deductible is 110
A medicare prepayment screen identifies claims to review for medical necessityand monitors the number of timesgiven procedures can be billed during 1 year
When a medicare patient signs an advance beneficiary notice ,the procedure code for the service provided must be modified using the HCPCS level 2 modifier -GA
A specialized insurance policy that is predefined by the federal government for the Medicare beneficary to cover the deductible andcopayment amounts is referred to as medigap
a medicare nonparticipating physician may bill no more than the medicare limiting charge
The medicare HCPCS coding system has --- levels 2
E.S.R.D End stage renal disease
Photophobia sensitivity to light
perilymph& endolymph auditory fluids in the labrinth of the innerear
cholesteatoma colletion of skin cells and cholesterol in a sac in the middle ear
S.GL. means without glasses
The spleen is composed of lymph tissue
During skull-based surgery ,if one surgeon performs the approah and a second physician performs the definitive procedureand a third physician performs the closure ,what modifier is used no modifier is used
this is most commonly known neuroplastic procedure carpal tunnel
this bone marrow is taken from a close relative,so there is genetic similarity allogenic
when coding a craniectomy/craniotomy procedure,it is common to also code ---procedures grafting
In the surgery of the skull base, the----procedure is the method used to obtian exposure of the lesion approach
Created by: Dixon