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Terminology Unit 3

Apexification Performed on the permanet toothof a young person when the apex of the tooth is incompletely formed
Appliance Any device or brace that includes,banding or wiring used to reposition teeth,jaw joint or lowe jaw to restore normal occlusion
Distoclusion Occurs when thw maxillary arch protrudes out fom the mandibular arch
Endodontics Treatment of dental pulp orother internal structures of the teeth
Jump The eplacement of he base of the denture because of deterioration or tissue change
Impacted Tooth A tooththat is positioned or wedged against tooth, bone, or soft tissue and is prevented from erupting normally
Inlay A gold alloy or procelain casting that lies on the occlusal surface of the patient's cusps (the pronounced elevation or edge of the tooth)
Intraoral X-rays X-rays taken with the film placed inside the mouth
Lingual Bar The support that runs along the bottom of the mouth
Neutroclusion Occurs when the upper and lower set of the teeth comes together normally. But the teeth themselves do not occlude properly
Occlusal X-ray X-ray whichshow the floor of the mouth and the palate
Onlay A gold alloy casting that lies on the occlusal surface but covers one or more cusps
Orthodontics Correction or prevention of poor or misaligned teeth
Palatal Bar The support that runs across the top of the palate (roof of the mouth)
Peridontics Any degenerative disease of the periodontal tissues
Pontic The part of a bridge that is suspended between abutments and replace a missing tooth.
Prophylaxis The removal of bacterioplaque,calculus,stais, and other potentially harmfull materials from the teeth by superficial scaling and polishing
Pulp Capping The placing of a covering over an exposedm tooth pulp
Pulpectomy The complete or partial removal of the pulp
Alveoplasty Surgical preparation of a ridge for dentures
Restoration Procedures used to restore a natural tooth
TMJ Dysfunction A manifestation of an abnormality of the joint where the lower jaw hinges to the upper jaw
Administrative Law Judge Hearing The third level of appeal
Documentation The orderly organization and communication of important facts that can be used to furnish decisive evidence of the claim handling or processing
ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) Protects the interests of participants and their beneficiaries who depend on benefits from private employee benefit plans
Insurance Commissioner The regulatory agency fo the insureance industry and serves as a liaison between the patient and the carrier, and between the pysician and carrier
Peer Review Objective, umbiased group of physicians determines what payments isadequate for services provided
QICs Qualified Independent Contractors
Redetermination Provider who has 120 days to file a request significant structural and procedural changes in the existing Medicare appeals process
Abruption Placentae Premature separation of a normally situated placenta after the 20th week of gestation
ACOG American Collage of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Cesarean Section (C-section) Delivery of the fetus by means of an incision through the abdominal cavity and then into the uterus.
-cyesis False pregnancy (peseudocyesis)
Eclampsia A complication of severe preeclampsia that involves seizures and possibly coma.
Episi/o Surgical procedure performed during labor to prevent tearing of the perineum and to facilitate delivery of the fetus (Episiotomy)
Gravid Refers to any pregnancy,regardless of duration,including the present one;when used in the recording of an obstertrical history,indicates the number of pregnancies
HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
LMP Last Menstrual Period
Miscarriage Loss of a fetus as the result of natural causes occurring during the first 20th weeks of gestation (spontaneous abortion)
Multi Multipara-Woman who has given birth to two or more children-MANY
Neo Neonatal-Pertaning to the first 4 weekd of an infant's life-NEW
Nonstress Test Test to identify fetal compromise in conditions with poor placenta function, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus,or postterm gestation (pregnancy last beyond 42 weeks)
Nulli Nullipara-Woman who has never been pregnant;Gravida O- NONE
OB Obstetric
Pap Papanicolaou(Smear)
Peri Study of the fetus and infant from 20 to 29 weeks of gestation to 1 to 4 weeks after birth (Perinatology)-AROUND
Pseudo False pregnancy(pseudocyesis)-FALSE
RhoGam Inject able blood product that can safely prevent sanitation of an RH-negative mother by surpassing her ability to respond to RH-positive red cells/protect an RH-positive fetus from antibodies by its RH-negative mother.
Toxemia Complication of pregnancy characterized by increasing hypertension,proteinuria,and edema
VDRL Research Laboratory(syphilis test)
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