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SC 7-4.3 Economic Collapse

on margin paid for only part of the stock and borrowed the rest
stockbroker people who sell shares in businesses
margin call demand for immediate repayment of the loan borrowed to purchase stocks
stock market crash stock prices fell
recession time of economic slow down
Great Depression period of low economic activity and high unemployment
tariff tax on all manufactured goods imported from other nations
New Deal programs developed by President Roosevelt to put people back to work and help the economy recover
inflation when money loses its value and prices go up
Nazi Party National Socialist Workers' Party
Nazism name given to Hitler's political beliefs
totalitarian state system in which leaders totally control the way citizens think and live
Franklin Delano Roosevelt President of the United States during The Great Depression and WWII-only President to be elected 4 terms
Adolf Hitler German leader who promised to lead Germany back to its former glory and to economic recovery
stock purchase for part ownership in a company
run on the bank people all try to take their money out of the bank at once causing the banks to close
FDIC Government agency developed after the Depression: "Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation" to protect people's money in the banks of the United States
Mortgages A transfer of rights to property as security for the payment of a loan that becomes void when the loan is paid.
Share Any of the equal portions into which property or invested capital is divided.
Foreclosed A legal proceeding when a mortgage holder cannot pay his or her mortgage and banks repossess the property.
Black Tuesday The crash of the New York Stock Exchange on October 29, 1929.
Trickle Down An effect caused gradually by remote or indirect influences.
Dictator A ruler with absolute power and authority.
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