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hypercalcemia blood condition of excess calcium
kyphosis condition of huchback
laminectomy removal of lamina
lordosis condition of curve
lumbar pt. to lumbar
lumbosacral pt. to lower back and sacrum
myelopoiesis formation of bone marrow
orthopedics pt. to straight child
osteitis inflammation of bone
scoliosis condition of crooked or bent
spondylosis condition of vertebra
vertebroplasty surgical repair of vertebra
osteoblast immature bone cell
osteoclast pt. to break bone
spondylolisthesis slipping of vertebra
osteomalacia softening of bone ****known as RICKETS in children****
epiphysis to grow above
pubic sysphysis pubis growning together
osteoporosis condition of porous bone
osteotome instrument to cut bone
acetabular pt. to acetabulum
calcaneal pt. to calcaneus
carpal pt. to carpals
supraclavicular pt. to abouve clavicle
subcostal pt. to below the ribs
chondrocostal pt. to rib cartilage
craniotomy incision of cranium
craniotome instrument to cut the cranium
femoral pt. to femur
fibula pt. to fibula
humeral pt. to humerus
iliac pt. to ilium
ischial pt. to ischium
malleolar pt. to malleolus
mandibular pt. to mandible
maxillary pt. to maxilla
metacarpectomy pt. to metacarpals
metacarpectomy removal of metacarpals
metatarsalgia pain in the metatarsals
olecranal pt. to olecranon
patella pt. to petella
pelvimetry measurment of pelvis
peroneal to. to fibula
phalanges pt. to phalanges
pubic pt. to pubic
radial pt. to radius
scapular pt. to scapula
sternal pt. to sternum
tarsectomy removal of tarsals
tibial pt. to tibia
ulnar pt. to ulna
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