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PCT Study Things

Stuff for the PCT exam

A, An No, none
Auto Self
Dia Complete, through
Endo Inside
Exo Outside
Epi (Supra) Above
Sub (Infra) Below
Hyper More than normal
Hypo Less than normal
Inter Between
Brady Slow
Tachy Fast
Dys Bad, Painful
Hemi Half
Pre Before
Retro Behind
-opsy Direct Visualization
-scopy observing with a machine
-graphy record with an image
-gram record with a pen
-algia=-dynia pain
-pathy disease
-itis inflammation
-oma tumor
-carcino malign tumor
-centesis puncture, piercing
-tomy cision, cut
-ectomy excision, cut & remove
-stomy opening
-lysis destruction, break down
-plasty repair
-rrhaphy suture,stitches
-megaly enlargment
-malacia softening
-osis condition
-penia deficiency
-sclerosis hardening
Anterior Front
Posterior Back
Superior Above
Inferior Below
Proximal Close to the point of attachment
Distal Far from the point of attachment
Medial Close to the midline
Lateral Close to the side
Dorsal Back
Ventral Prone, Belly
Capitis Head
Cervical Neck
Thorax Chest
Abdomen Belly
Lumbar Flank
Sacral Birth Canal bone
Coccygeal Tail
What is Ethics? Standards of right and wrong that regulate the behavior of any professional.
What is Law? a regulation or action enforced by a controlling authority, such as local, state and government.
What is a tort? a civil wrong committed against a person or property that causes damage or deprives someone of his or her personal liberty or freedom. Punsihable by law.
Assault an open threat of bodily harm to someone
Battery any body contact made without permission
False Imprisonment unlawful restraint or confinement of one person from another.
Invasion of Privacy an interference with the person's right to be left alone.
Negligence is an unintentional tort
Created by: Quinncy