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Glossary Case #2

Hillcrest Trasncription, Case #2 The Musculosketal system

abduct to draw or pull a part of the body away from the median axis
Accu-Chek trade name for a blood sugar monitor (equipment)
ADA American Diabetes Association
Ancef trade name of cefazolin, an antibiotic
anteversion forward displacement of an organ
antibiotic chemical substance produced by a variety of microorganisms; used to destroy or inhibit the growth of bacteria and/or other microorganisms.
AP refers to anteroposterior direction, from front to back.
appendectomy surgical removal of the vermiform appendix
AST aspartate transaminase(an enzyme)newer name for and sometimes dictated in place of SGOT
bipolar having two poles, ends, or extremes
buccal pertaining to the inside of the cheek
C-arm images results of portable x-ray unit used in the operating room; the C-shaped unit is made to surround the part being studied
chronic persisting over a long period of time
click a brief sharp sound (heart sound)
copious yielding something abundantly
cortical pertaining to a cortex (outer layer of an organ or other body structure)
CPK creatine phosphokinese (a lab test done on blood)
DePuy sliding screw orthophedic device used in femoral fracture repair
dissect to cut apart or separate
dyspnea difficult or labored breathing
electrocautery the application of an electric current to destroy or cut through tissue
endotracheal within or through the trachea
EOMI extraocular muscles (or movements) intact
external rotation movement of an external appendage about axis, e.g. moving either the leg of the arm in a circle.
fascia lata the external layer of facia (supportive layer of thin connective tissue) of the thigh
femoral pertaining to the femur (thigh)
flex to bend
fluoroscopy examination using a fluroscope (an instrument used for examining deep structures by means of roentgen rays)
funduscope an instrument for examining the fundus (botom or base) of the eye
gallop an abnormal rhythm of the heart
H & H hemoglobin and hemotocrit (blood tests, parts of a complete blood count)
Hemovac drain a closed suction drainage unit to evacuate blood and serum postoperatively, trade name
infarct necrosis (death) of a tissue due to local ischemia (obstruction of blood)
intercostal situated between uninjured or unimpaired
interrupted sutures sutures (surgical stiches) that are placed separately and tied separately
intertrochanteric fracture a break within the trochanter (bones of the neck of the femur or thigh)
ischemia obstruction of blood to a body part due to a pathologic condition
IVPB intravenous piggyback (to infuse fluids, medicines, etc., into the body through an IV already established
lateralis pertaining to one side; a point of reference farther from the midplane of the body
LDH lactic dehydrogenase ( a lab test done on blood)
Lowman turkey-claw clamp orthopedic equpment used during surgery
MI myocardial infarction (Heart attack)
Micronase trade name for glyburide; used in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus
myocardial pertaining to the myorcardium (muscular tissue of the heart)
Nitro-Dur trade name for nitoglycerin; used in treating angina pectoris and other cardiac problems
nondiaphoretic no profuse perspiration
normocephalic pertaining to a normal-sized head
OR operating room
organomegaly enlarment of one or more of the viscera (internal organs)
ORIF open reduction, internal fixation (of a fracture)
PERRLA pupils equal, round, and ractive to light and accommodation
plane an imaginary flat surface used for description or depiction; anatomists identify three planes of the body, I.E., frontal, sagittal, and transverse
PMI point of maximal impulse (Cardiac term)
Prominence a protrusion or projection
prosthesis an artifical replacement for a missing body part, such as eye, and arm , or a leg
reamer an instrument used in orthopedic surgery to enlarge an artificial orifice or passage in bone.
renal insufficiency inability to the kidney to remove nitorgenous waste adequately
rhonchus a rattling sound in the lower respiratory tract heard on auscultation (pl. rhonchi)
rub (Pericardial rub) a scraping or grating noise heard with the hearbeat.
sclera the sturdy white outer layer or the eye-ball
SGOT serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase ( a lab test done on blood); see AST
ST-T waves describes heart function on an electrocardiogram )EKG); there are P, Q, R, S, T, and U waves
TM tympanic membrane (in the ear); eardrum
type and cross x2 medical jargon referring to the fact that the patient's bood type needs to be determined in the laboratory, then crossmatched against two units of blood. This blood will be held for the patient's needs during surgery. If no need, it will be release for cr
UA Urinalysys (or urine analysis)
vastus lateralis a large muscle ovelying the hip joint and anterolateral thigh
Wygesic trade name for a narcotic pain medication (acetaminophen and propxyphene)
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