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01 Unit test 2011

Medical Office Unit Test 01

Allergist Diagnoses and treats adverse reactions to food, drugs and other substances
Anesthesiologist Maintains pain relief and stable body functions durring surgery
Dermatologist Diagnoses and treats diseases of the skin and related tissues
Emergency Room Physician Provides immediate treatment for patient trauma in accidents and illnesses
Endodontist Specializes in root canal work
ENT Specialist Specializes in the diagnoses and treatment of illnesses of the ear, nose and throat
Family Practice Physician provides total health care for the family
Gastroenterologist specializes in diseases of the digestive tract and related organs
Gerontologist treats the process and problems of aging
Hematologist diagnoses and treats the disease of the blood
Immunologist diagnoses and treats the symptoms of immunity induced sensitivity and allergies
Nephrologist specializes in disorders of the kidneys and related functions
Neurologist specializes in disorders of the nervous system
Obstetrician provides care during pregnancy and child birth
Oncologist diagnosis and treats cancer patients
Opthalmologist cares for the eyes and the vision
Oral Surgeon specializes and jaw surgeries and extractions
Orthodontist specializes in the straightening of teeth
Orthopedist Provides treatment of the musculoskeletal system
Pediatrician specializes in comprehensive treatment of children
Physiatrist evaluates and treats all types of diseases through physical means
Prosthodontist specializes in dentures and artificial teeth
Psychiatrist diagnosis and treats mental, emotional, and behavioral problems
Thoracic Surgeon Uses surgery to diagnose and treat diseases of the chest
Urologist diagnoses and treats urinary tract diseases
accurate able to produce work with few or no errors
assertive confidently agressive or self-assured
cheerful pleasant and friendly
confidentiality privacy for all patient information
efficient able to make good use of time and materials and to be organized
empathetic able to understand how a patient feels
flexible able to adapt to changes easily
honest truthful; trustworthy
initiative inspired to increase knowledge and to advance
professional image the correct appearance for the job
punctual on time and ready for work
self-motivated ablility to take independent action
tactful able to present ideas and information without offending
team player a person who works well with associates and pitches in when needed
thorough careful to pay attention to detail (detail oriented)
abandonment physician leaves case before the patient is recovered without sending notification to the patient
arbetration resolution of a case brought on by an unbiased third party
assault clear threat of injury
battery operating beyond patient's given consent
compliance adherance to rules and regulations
deposition testimony under oath, usually outside of court
ethics standards of right and wrong conduct
etiquette behaviors and customs that are considered good manners
expressed consent patient's agreement to have a procedure performed
fraud depriving others of their rights by dishonest means or actions
Good Samaritan Act protection for the physician from liability of civil damages in a emergency care
implied consent patient's permission for treatment when he or she enters the office
liability legal responsibility
litigation a lawsuit
Medical Practice Act state law that governs practice of medicine
release of information authorization to send the patient's medical records and information to another physician
statute of limitations time limit for starting a lawsuit
statutory reports confidential information that must be submitted to the state health department
subpoena legal document ordering all relavent documents to be submitted to the court
summons written notice sent to the defendant asking for an answer to the charges
Created by: StarAngel223