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Phlebotomy Utah

What does O.S.H.A stand for? Occupational Safety & Health Administration
What is the purpose of tying a tourniquet? Stop blood flow and engorge the vein
What is the most frequently occurring nosocomial infection? Staff
How much blood is found in the average adult body? 5-7 liters
If you pierce your index finger with a dirty needle , what us the appropriate response? Wash with non abrasive antibacterial soap for 15 min, Report the stick to your supervisor, Fill out form.
What are three types of cells make up 45% of the blood and are known as the formed cellular elements or F.C.E's? Thrombocytes, Erythrocytes, Leukocytes
What is the end stage of a HIV infection? AIDS
How many inches above the site does a tourniquet needs to be? 4-6 inches
Under the Patients' Bill Of Rights, does a patient have a right to decline medical treatment? Yes
What is the most critical mistake a Phlebotomist could make? Mis Indentifying the patient
If a patient has an I.V, in both "A.C.s'" where would be the best place to draw blood from them? The hand
What is the primary function of the Thrombocytes , and what is the other name for them? Stop clotting and Platelets
If blood is entering the left ventricle what organ on the inside of the body did that blood just touch? And is it oxygenated or deoxygenated? The lungs and oxygenated
What two WBC's ( Leukocytes) are involved when someone has an allergic reaction? And which one doe does not change in number? Eosinophils and Basophils and Basophils does not change
What is the normal pH of blood? 7.35 - 7.45
Hemoglobin is a protein found on the RBC's ( Erythrocytes ) and it is responsible for carrying what to the rest of the body? Oxygen
What tube color has an antiglycolytic agent? Gray
What vein is a Phlebotomist going to palpate on an obese patient? Cephalic
In a dermal puncture on an infant what part of the body would you poke? The middle line of the great toe and lateral line from the 4th and 5th digit
What additives are in the green top tube? And how do we distinguish between them by tube color? Sodium, Lithium and Ammonium Heparin. The additives
What section of the lab would you send a pregnancy test? Chemistry
What color tube is the only tube that will give you serum? Tiger top aka SST
Normal coagulation of the blood takes how long? 30-60 min
The first phase of hemostasis is characterized by what action the vessel takes in response to injury? Constricts
If you receive orders for a blood culture, what do you need to bring instead of alchohol to prep the site? And what are the two types of bottles/ vials you would bring to the draw? Iodine or Clorhexadine. Anaerobic and Aerorobic
What additive is in the pink tube? Potassium EDTA
Neutrophils 40%-60% of WBC population. They are phagocytic cells which means they engulf and digest bacteria. Their numbers increase in bacterial infections
Eosinophils 1%-3%of WBC population. Their numbers increase in allergies, skin & parasitic infections. They come first in allergic reactions followed by histamine releasing Basophils
Lymphocytes 20%-40% of WBC population. They play a role in immunity. And their numbers increase during viral infections
Basophils 0%-1% of WBC population. They carry histamine which is released during an allergic reaction.
Monocytes 3%-8% of WBC population. They are the largest WBC. Their numbers increase in intracellular infections and tuberculosis
What are the 3 layers of the heart? Endocardium, Myocardium, & Epicardium
Thrombocytes Also known as platelets are small irregularly shaped packets of cytoplasm formed in bone marrow. They are essential for blood coagulation
Erythrocytes Red Blood Cells. Normal lifespan is 120 days
Leukocytes White Blood Cells. Provide infection protection to the body.
How long does it take the body to regenerate lost RBC's ? 6-8 weeks
How long can Hepatitis B survive in dry blood? Up to 7 days
Universal Precautions Is a name usded to describe a preventions strategy in which all blood and potentially infectious materials are treated as if they are, in fact infectious, regardless of the perceived status of the source individual.
Standard Precautions 1st Tier of precautions.Are infection control methods designed tp prevent direct contactwith blood and other body fluids and tssues by using barrier protection and work control practices
Transmission Precautions 2nd Tier of precautions,and are to be used when the patient is known or suspected of being infected with contagious disease.
Red Top None
Light Blue Top Sodium Cirate. Invert 4 times
Royal Blue Top Sodium Heparin
Gold Top Clot activator and gel for serum separation
Green Top Sodium, Lithium, & Ammonium Heparin. Invert 8 times
Lavendar Top EDTA . Fill at leats two- thirds full and invert 8 times
Gray Top Potassium Oxalate and Sodium Fluoride. Invert 8 times
Brown Top Sodium Heparin
Yellow Top Sodium polyanetholesulfonate (SPS)
Tiger Top aka SST Thixotropic Gel
Pink Top Potassium EDTA
Created by: Morphyne