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Daniel 5


Dan 5:13 Daniel had been in Babylon for how long? How old was Daniel Daniel had been in Babylon for 65 years and was 80 years old.
Dan 5 13-16 What did Belshazzar want with Daniel? Did Daniel want a reward? Belshazzar wanted Daniel to interpret the writing. Daniel had no desire for the king's rewards.
Dan 5:17 -21 What did daniel boldly proclaim before doing what the king asked about Nebuchadnezzar? Daniel boldly proclaimed God's sovereignty to Belshazzar. Praising God for having given Nebuchadnezzar his power. Exposed Nebuchadnazzar's sin of pride and how God had punished Nebuchadnezzar until he repented.
Dan 5:22-23 How did Daniel Challenge Belshazzar? Danial opposed the world's most powerful ruler and rebuked him for not humbling his heart, for lifting himself up against God, not glorifying God, and worshiping idols.
Dan 5:24 After pointing out the foolishness of Belshazzar's sin, Daniel said tha the words Belshazzar were sent from? The fingers of the hand were sent from Him, God.
Dan 5:25, 26 MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN MENE means counted or appointed. Who can explain that? God has numbered your kingdom, and finished it.
Dan 5:25, 27 MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN TEKEL means weighed. Who can explain that? Tekel signified that Belshazzar had "been weighed in the balances and found wanting." When judged according to God's holy standard, Belshazzar had fallen short of God'g glory. His heart and actions condemned him before God.
Dan 5:25, 28 MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN PHARSIN means divided. U preceding pharsin is a conjunction like "and." Who can explain that? Pharsin signified that Belshazzar's kingdom has been divided and given to the Medes and Persians. Belshazzar would be unable to to hold his kingdom together.
Dan :29 Belshazzar obviously appreciated the validity of Daniel's interpretation since he rewarded Daniel. Does it indicate that Belshazzar humbled himself before God, repented, or feared impending judgement? There is No mention that proud Belshazzar humbled himself before God.
Dan 5:30-31 What happened to Belshazzar the very night? What did the Medes and persians do? Belshazzar was killed, and the Medes and Persians conquered the Babylonians.
Bonus History Question Does anyone know how the City was conquered by the Medes and Persian army? Ancient history tells how in a brilliant maneuver, the army diverted the most of the Euphrates River. They waded into the city and did not even have to worry about the four massive walls.
Even though some unknown Medo-Persian general was rewarded for the victory, Belshazzar's defeat intimately come from who? God, who had numbered his days, found him lacking on His scales, and determined to dissipate his kingdom.
Dan 5:1-4 October 12, 539 B.C. Belshazzar hosted a feast for a thousand of his lords. What did Belshazzar use to praise their gods of gold and silver, bronze and iron, wood and stone with. Then they brought the gold vessels that had been taken from the temple of the house of God which had been in Jerusalem; and the king and his lords, his wives, and his concubines drank from them.
Dan 5: 5 When Belshazzar saw a disembodied hand write on the palace walls, what did he do? He became physically week and emotional. He called for someone to interpret the writing.
Dan 5:7-8 What did Belshazzar promise to the one that could correctly interpret the writing? Whoever reads this writing, and tells me its interpretation, shall be clothed with purple and have a chain of gold around his neck; and he shall be the third ruler in the kingdom.
Dan 5: 12 Who did the queen (possibly Nebuchadnezzar's wife or daughter) tell Belshazzzar could interpret the writing on the wall? The queen praised Daniel for his ability to interpret dreams and was convinced that he would ba able to interpret the writing.
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