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law test wk2

law and ethics test wk2

dehydration process of depriving or losing water, causes drying of tissues
desiccation process of drying; to cause tissue destruction of dying
closed supply cabinets keep dry supplies so that they dont get cross contaminated
kick bucket used for solid sponges
bipolar the current does not disperse itself through the patient; thus a grounding pad is not necessary
monopolar an inactive dispersive electrode must be used to ground the patient. this requires a grounding pad
dispersive elcetrodes must be what clean, free from bent edges and adhere uniformly to skin
connections to geneortaor must be... secure
where is pad placed as close to operative site as possible
what is greatest hazard of electosurgery patient burn
grounding making an electrical connection with the earth
3 components of fire oxygen, fuel, heat
class a fires that occur with ordinary combustible materials
class b fires that occur with flammable liquids
class c fires that occur in or near electrical equipment
class d fires from combustible metals
i.p.a.s.s is identify, pull pin, aim, squeeze, sweep
what determines number of or rooms # of beds, length of operation, type of surgery, # of surgeons/speicalty,
departments around or er, icu, blood bank, lab, pharmacy, cardiac lab, radiology, pre-op, post-op
or suite excludes what outside traffic
or is divided into 2 parts restricted, unrestircted
restricted areas scrub areas, clean linen, dark room, or, instrument room, equipment storage, supply/storage room, anesthia room
unrestricted area dressing room, bathroom, soiled laundry, lounge area, office
where is mayo positioned across from sterile field
why are cloth masks no longer used allow microorganisms in and out, not efficent filtration
handle masks by what strings
dont handle mask with what bare hands
how many times a day do you remove your mask every case or every time its soiled
what protects patient from you and you from pt operating room attire
provide barriers that prevent spread of microorganisms operating room attire
prohibit contamination of wound operating room attire
if going outside you must change or wear a knee length lab coat that is closed
12 principles of aseptic technique daily bath, use deoderent, skin in good condition, clean hair, brush teeth, clean short no polish nails
optimum health includes rest and sleep, no excessive alcohol/tobacco/drugs, proper exercise, avoid stress and fatigue
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