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Western Civ

Ch 15

Who was the 1st explorer to sail around the Cape of Good Hope? Bartholemeu Dias
Who was the explorer who claimed what is now Brazil for Portugal? Cabral
Who was the explorer who discovered the islands later known as the West Indies? Christopher Columbus
Who was the explorer who seized the Inca Empire for Spain? Pizarro
Who was the explorer whose voyage up the St. Lawrence River gave France a claim to much of eastern Canada? Cartier
Who was the 1st explorer to sail around Africa and across the Indian Ocean to India? Vasco da Gama
Who was the explorer who sailed down the Mississippi and claimed Louisiana for France? laSalle
Who was the explorer who claimed the Philippine Islands for Spain? Magellan
Who was the founder of Quebec? Champlain
Who was the explorer who claimed the "South Sea" for Spain? Balboa
Who was the explorer who invaded Mexico and conquered the Aztec Empire? Cortes
Who was the Italian explorer after whom America was named? Amerigo Vespucci
Juan Ponce de ______, Spanish explorer who sailed northward from Puerto Rico in 1513 and explored Florida Leon
Prince _________ (the __________) established the nation of _______ as a leader in knowledge about the seas. Henry (the Navigator)/Portugal
In 1488, ________ sailed around the _________ at the southern tip of Africa. Bartholomeu Dias/Cape of Good Hope
The Portuguese sea captain, ________, was the 1st to sail across the _______ to reach India in the year 1498. Vasco da Gama/Indian Ocean
The _________ involved the movement of products and diseases between the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. Columbian Exchange
Pope Alexander VI drew the _____ on a world map through the middle of the Atlantic. The nation of _______ was granted new lands E of the line, while ______ received lands W of the line. This agreement was adjusted the following year thru the _______. line of demarcation/Portugal/Spain/Treaty of Tordesillas
Which Portuguese explorer accidentally reached the east coast of South America in 1500? Pedro Cabral
For which explorer is America named? Amerigo Vespucci
Why did Ferdinand Magellan change the name of the Great South Sea to the Pacific Ocean? The latin word pacificus means peaceful
Who had first named the Great South Sea? Balboa
2 Islands visited by Christopher Columbus. Hispaniola and Cuba
Explorers that the English, French, and Dutch sent to attempt to find a Northwest Passage. Marquette and Joliet, Cartier, Champlain, Hudson, La Salled, Cabot
The fleet of the navigator, ______, from the nation of ________ was the 1st to circumnavigate the globe, while an Englishman named _____ became the 2nd. Magellan/Portugal/Drake
Cartier, Champlain, and La Salle explored a region that became known as ________. New France
In 1513, the Spanish explorer ________crossed a narrow strip of land known as the ________, to be the 1st European to view the Pacific Ocean. Vasco Nunz de Balboa/Isthmus of Panama
The Spanish settlement of _______ was established by De Soto. St Augustine
The center of the Inca civilization was centered in which South American mountain range? This range runs through which modern nations? Andes/Peru and Chile
The French explorer _______ claimed Louisiana for the French king based on his travels down the ________ Rivers. La Salle/Mississippi
The Spanish explorer, ________, led an expedition to what is today the state of Florida. Ponce de leon
The Aztec ruler, ________, was killed by the Spanish explorer, _______ in the city of _________. Moctezuma/Hernan Cortes/Tenochtitlan
Atahualpa, ruler of the ________ was strangled by order of the Spanish leader named ________. Inca Empire/Francisco Pizarro
The development of ________ allowed people to buy shares of stock that gave them part ownership in businesses. joint-stock companies
To gain a _________ (selling more goods than buying) nations could impose a ______, or tax on imports. The intent of this tax was to _______. Favorable balance of trade/Tariff/Discourge from buying foreign goods or reduce the amt of goods imported into the country
The economic theory called ________ encouraged the establishment and settling of ________. This they hoped would bring in greater amts of _______. Besides the mining of these minerals, colonies were expected to provide______ Mercantilism/Colonies/Gold&silver, precious metals/raw materials
The ______ was the 2nd stage of the ______ which moved goods and slaves across the ______. Middle Passage/triangular trade/Atlantic Ocean
Slaves were needed to replace the native Indians who died because they had no _______ to diseases that the Europeans brought with them. immunities
What is Flora? plants
What is Fauna? animals
What is demographics? Study of populations/statistics
What is culture? the lifestyle, beliefs, language, writing, education, entertainment, location of a group of people.
What is ethnocentric? culture- you believe yours is the best and other cultures are wrong (ex. eye contact too long)
What food/animals went from new world to europe? corn, potatoes (to Ireland), tomatoes, peppers (bell, chili), cacao plant to make chocolate (to Belgium, switz, france), vanilla, tobacco, beans, pumpkin, turkey, guinea pig
What foods/ animals went from europe to america? horse, cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, honey bees, wheat, rice (from china), sugar cane, lettuce
What technology went from the old world to the new world? wheel (only one native am. group used as a toy), written language, fish hooks
What technology went from the new world to the old world? none
What diseases did europeans bring? smallpox (no control on getting disease), almost wiped out pop. in central/s america
what disease did the indians give to europeans? syphilis (sexual disease), can kill you, goes to your brain
1518-1800 ____X as many africans as europeans landed in the americas. 7
When was slave trade eliminated? 1800
What is the mulatto race? Parents-one black, one white
What is the mestizo race? parents-european + indian
Did columbus discover the Americas? no-he discovered islands
How did native Asians get to America in the Ice Age? Discovered it on land bridge (of ice)
What period was happeneing at the same time as the age of exploration? middle ages
Why did people know about columbus' voyage/discovery so soon? printing press
What are 2 viewpoints of columbus? 1great sailor but couldn't control men 2not a good man b/c he brought racism/death to indians
What does it mean when you say hindsight is 20/20 You can see easily now where they went wrong
What was the exploration motivation? gold/wealth-power, glory-adventure, god
Where did the Mayans live? Yucatan Peninsula
What did the Mayans introduce? the wheel, step pyramids, calandar based on moon/holidays, understand zero
Where did the Incas live? Andes Mt.
Did the Incas have a big empire? Yes! huge! 2500 mi.
What are alteplanos? high flat plains
What did the Incas eat? Giant worms w/ protein
What was the Inca burial system? Rolled up person in a ball & wrapped them up
Where did the Aztecs live? Mexico- high dry plateau w/ mt. ranges near//Valley of Mexico//Lake Texcoco/Tenochtitlan
About how many humans did the Aztecs sacrifice per year? 20000
What group of people did slavery start with? Hebrews in Egypt
When/where did slavery make a comeback? 1400s in Portugal on the Iberian Peninsula
What is justification? How did this apply to slavery? Make it right- Slavery is okayb because theyre black and pagan (not christian)
Did blacks enslave other blacks? yes
Where slaves willingly traded to america? yes
What is a ships' hold? Cargo storage, about 5-6 ft tall, put in layers, 2-3 layers of people, shackled to another person
How long was the voyage to america? 3wks to 6 mo dep. on conditions
What are loose/tight packers? Loose-put less people on ship than it can hold, tight-put more people on ship than it can hold
Were women and children tied down on ships? No but women were raped and children were mentally/verbally abused
What is slabber sauce made of? horse beans, flour, water, red pepper (burns throat to show control)
Where wer the most slaves sent? brazil
Created by: K1