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French Revolution

Battle of Waterloo The battle that was Napoleon's downfall.
Congress of Vienna peace was made with France and the other European nations here.
Thomas Hobbes this person believe the best way to preserve peoples rights was by having a king
John Lock this person believed in democracy to preserve rights.
Montesquieu Was critical of Absolute power and believed in the concept of separation of powers
Voltaire Argued for freedom of religion and speech
Laissez Faire Economics The belief that the market should be allowed to set to set it’s own price and correct itself
Adam Smith Scottish Economics who wrote The Wealth Of Nations who supported and proved the relevance of laissez faire economics
Salons place where writers, artists and philosophers gathered to discuss the issues of the day
Enlightened Despots absolute rulers who used their power to bring about political and social change
Natural Rights Rights people had from birth
The 3 Estates the people of France ere divided into three classes
Estates General was the meeting of the three estates which was called as France was on the verge of bankruptcy
Tennis Court Oath The members of the third estate were banned from meeting and moved to a nearby tennis court
National Assembly Reform minded nobles and clergy joined these members and formed this
The Storming of Bastille on July 14, 1789 and angry mob formed outside a prison castle
The Declaration of the Rights of man and Citizens protected the natural rights of French citizens
Reign of Terror 300,000 French citizens were arrested of suspicion of not supporting the revolution
The directory Moderates proposed a new constitution in reaction to the executions, this would be France’s 3rd constitution in six years
Napoleon he was able to overthrow the directory and established a new form of government
Napoleon's death date 5th may
Created by: Horus