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Chapter 17 Enl.

Chapter 17 Enlightenment Thinkers

Montesquieu criticized French institutions, 3 types of govt, checks and balances (separation of powers), politically active nobles Persian Letters, The Spirit of the Law
Voltaire admired English, Deism - God created universe but lets it run naturally, religious toleration - Cancide Philosophic Letters on the English, Treatsie on Toleration
Diderot spread Enlight. ideas, criticized Christianity, Materialism Encyclopedia
Francoic Quesnay land is wealth - achieved by agriculture, state revenue only come from land tax, rejected mercantilism, "laissez-faire" - no govt regulation of economy natural laws of economics
Adam Smith attacked mercantilism, LABOR was wealth, govt only to protect (army), defend people (police), and keep up public works The Wealth of Nations
Paul d'Hollbach everything matter in motion, humans machines, atheism, materialism System of Nature
Marie-Jean de condorcet humans can be perfect, 10 stages of history - 10th Age of Perfection The Progress of the Human Mind
Rousseau society governed by general will, all should be educated, people need to participate in laws, property the source of crime Emile, The Social Contract, Discourse on the Origins of the Inequality of Mankind
Beccaria against capital punishment, deterrents - not brutality, imprisonment best On Crimes and Punishment
Mary Wollstonecraft women don't have to obey men, if women reason, same rights as men, equal right w/men in politics and education Vindication of the Rights of Women
Marie-Therese de Geoffrin owned a salon, spread ideas of Enlight. continued Encyclopedia
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