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Integumentary System


Psoriasisis achronic skin disease with occasional acute episodes in which ep-ithelial cells in isolated patches replicate too rapidly. It usually is raised red or pink patches that over a long time develop a white or silvery scale on top. Plaques have well-defined edges. They may be itchy,and burn severly
Warts are small, benign growths caused by varieties of human pa-pillomavirus (HPV) that invade keratinocytes. These infected pro-tein-making cells produce a lot of extra keratin. Warts look like hard, cauliflower-shaped growths on the skin May be white, but with darker speckling under thickened skin—capillary supply for wart. Very hard and unyielding.Like stepping on a stone.
Acne Vulgaris
Fungal Infection
Skin Infection
Scar Tissue
Decubitus Ulcers
Hives,also called urticaria, are the result of emotional stress, anallergy, or some other stimulus. MODALITY RECOMMENDATIONSFOR HIVES MODALITYRECOMMENDATION Deep tissue massage Locally contraindicated; otherwise supportive. Lymphatic drainage Systemically contraindicated. Polarity therapy S/R: Indicated within client comfort. D: Contrain
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