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Med Term words Ch 4

Terminology words for Ch 4 quiz 2

apnea not breathing
anoxia condition without oxygen
abnormal not normal
abductor muscle that draws away from the body
adductor muscle that leads toward the body
adrenal glands endocrine glands above the kidneys
anabolism process of casting up
analysis to break up/ to separate
ante cibum before meals
anteflexion to flex forward
antepartum before birth
antibiotic fights against MO's
antibody protein produced against an antigen
antigen substance in the body that produces an antibody
antisepsis fights against infection
antitoxin fights against a toxin
autoimmune disease disease producing antibodies against one's self
bifucation splitting into two branches
bilateral two sides
bradycardia slow heart rate
catabolism breaking down
congenital anomaly irregularity a baby is born with
connective to tie together
contraindication against something
contralateral pertaining to the opposite side
dehydration lack of water
diameter complete measure/ to measure through
diarrhea complete flow/ to flow through
dialysis complete separation
Created by: Msdaisy92104