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Body Structure

abdomen abdomin/o, celi/o, lapar/o
anterior anter/o, front/o
antrum antr/o
apex apic/o
arrow sagitt/o
bladder cyst/o, vesic/o
blood hem/o, hemat/o
blood (clotting) thrombocyt/o
red blood cells erythrocyt/o
white blood cells leukocyt/o
body som/o, somat/o
bone osse/o, oste/o
bone marrow myel/o
brain encephal/o, cerebr/o
bronchi bronch/o
cartilage chondr/o
cell cyt/o
cranium, skull crani/o
diaphragm diaphragm/o, diaphragmat/o, phren/o
dissolve lys/o
dorsal dors/o
ear ot/o, aur/o
epithelium epitheli/o
eye ophthalm/o, ocul/o, opt/o
far dist/o
fat adip/o
fornix fornic/o
front front/o, anter/o
fundus fund/o
groin inguin/o
hair pil/o, trich/o
head cephal/o
heart muscle myocardi/o
ileum ile/o
ilium ili/o
inferior infer/o
joint arthr/o, articul/o
kidney ren/o, nephr/o
left sinistr/o
loin lumb/o
lumen lumin/o
lungs pulmon/o, pneumon/o
lymph gland lymphaden/o
mediastinum mediastin/o
middle medi/o
mind ment/i, phren/o, psych/o
muscle my/o, myos/o
nail onych/o, ungu/o
near proxim/o
nerve neur/o
nipple thel/o
nucleus kary/o, nucle/o
organ, viscera organ/o, viscer/o
ovary oophor/o, ovari/o
pancreas pancreat/o
pelvis pelv/i
peritoneum peritone/o
pleura pleur/o
posterior poster/o
ribose rib/o
right dextr/o
sameness home/o
side later/o
sinus, cavity sinus/o, sin/o
skeletal muscle rhabdomy/o
skin derm/o, dermat/o, cutane/o
small intestine enter/o
smooth muscle leiomy/o
spinal cord myel/o
spine spin/o
sternum stern/o
stomach gastr/o
superior super/o
system system/o
tail caud/o
testis test/o, orchid/o
thorax thorac/o
thyroid thyroid/o
tissue hist/o
to cast bol/o
trachea trache/o
umbilicus omphal/o, umbilic/o
ureter ureter/o
urethra urethr/o
ventral ventr/o
vertebra vertebr/o, spondyl/o
vessel(nonspecific) angi/o
artery vessel anteri/o
vein vessel phleb/o, ven/o
vestibule vestibul/o
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