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Medical, Dental

terminology and abbreviations

chief complaint reason the patient seeks medical care
diagnosis physician's objective analysis of illness or injuries
eponyms conditions or procedures named after a person or place
principal diagnosis illness or injury that represents the outpatient's major health problem
acute condition sudden or severe illness or disease
chronic condition long term illness or disease
tabular list ICD-9-CM codes presented in numerical order with additional explanations and specifics
DOB date of birth
Dx diagnosis
CPT Current Procedural Terminology
V-codes ICD-9-CM codes used when a person who is not currently sick encounters health services for a specific purpose
E-codes diagnostic codes for exernal causes of injury
established patient a patient who has an established chart and has received medical services within the last three years
cross reference ICD-9-CM Alphabetical Index which indicates where else to look for additional anatomical sites, or main terms
diagnosis code number used to identify a specific medical condition
new patient A patient who has never received care from the provider or it has bee more than three years since receiving care
inpatient patient admitted to a hospital for an overnight stay
main term organized alphabetic index written in bold
outpatient patient gets tests or treatment in the hospital and stays for 23 hours or less, usually not overnight
sub-term diagnostic term indented under the main term
ICD-9-CM International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification
NEC not elsewhere classified
NOS not otherwise specified
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