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chapters 1 4 & 5

word terminology

severe itching pruritus
oil gland sebaceous gland
right lower quadrant RLQ
venus mole; birthmark
abduction movement away from the midline of the body
bone Oste/o
medial toward the middle of the trunk
fasci/o fibrous band of tissue
arthalgia joint pain
Supination turning the palms face up
pronation turning the palms face down
paronychia inflammation of the fold of skin surrounding the fingernail
seborrhea excessive discharge of sebum
pyoderma purulent skin disease (containing pus)
I & D incision and drainage
RLQ right lower quadrant
fracture fx
DTR deep tendon reflex
THR total hip replacement
chest thorac/o
front anter/o
viscer/o internal organs
proxim/o near (closest to the trunk)
fasci/o fascia
above supra- (on top of) above the spine
above super- (over;excess) toward a higher place
-tropy growth; development
myel/0 bone marrow
oste/o bone
my/o muscle
dorsiflexion moving the foot upward toward the leg
abduction away from the midline of the body
adduction toward the midline of the body
tendinitis inflammation of a tendon
bradykinesia slow movement
arthralgia joint pain
osteochondritis inflammation of bone and cartilage
contraction shortening or tightening of a muscle
proximal toward the trunk of the body; nearest point of origin of the body part
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
melan/0 black
-oma tumor
contusion a bruise
nevus mole; birthmark
furuncle a boil (inflamed hair follicle
sebaceous glands oil glands
sudoriferous glands sweat glands
alopecia loss of hair; baldness
bx biopsy
tinea fungal infection
excoriation a scratch
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