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Middle Ages

2 others terms used for the Middle Ages Dark or Medieval
When were the Middle Ages? 500-1450
Who were the Germanic tribes? people from Scandanavia and N. Germany
group of Germanic people who strengthened Christianity in northern and western Europe. Franks
Scandanavian pirates who terrorized coastal villages Vikings
People from present day Hungary who attacked towns throught centrall Europe Magyars
modern day France Gaul
Leader of the Franks who began the largest European empire since Rome? Charlemagne
What things changed in Europe or ceased to exist during the Middle Ages? decline in size/power of govt., reduction of long distance trade, decline in learning, loss of Greek and Roman culture, disappearance of cities, growth of Germanic kingdoms, rise of feudalism
Define Feudalism. political and social system; agreement between overlords and vassals; vassals got land and gave service to overlord
Define manor. self-sufficient village with forest around it
Define a vassal. person that the lord gave land to and in return the lord got service and loyalty
Define a fief. plots of land given to vassal
Name groups and people found on a manor. Lord, Knights, Serfs, Villeins, Priests
Job of Lord rented land from overlord, gave land and protection to villeins and serfs
Job or Knights Lord's army
Job of Serfs peasants who farmed and did other jobs, "belonged to land"
Job of Villeins peasants who farmed and did other jobs, "did not belong to land"
Job of Priests religious duties, accountant, teacher or Lord's sons, doctor, recruited future priests
What is the difference between a serf and a villein? Serf belongs to land, Villeiin doesn't belong to land
Be able to make a map diagram showing things found in a manor and explain things about it. (blank)
What did the overlord do for the vassal? gave him land
What did the vassal do for the overlord? gave him service and loyalty
What did the lord do for the villeins and serfs? gave them land, home, security, govn't
What did the villeins and serfs do ofor the lord? farmed from him, gave him % of their crops, eggs, milk, meat, bread, etc.
What are the steps leading up to becoming a knight? 1. Page 2. Squire 3. Knights
What did a Page do? began learning manners, cared for animals, did minimal tasks for Knights
What did a Squire do? helped Knights with armor and weapons, learned to fight
Be able to make a diagram describing things found in a medieval town and the problems in a medieval town. (blank)
What were some problems in the medieval town? bugs/rats in streets, shallow wells, garbage seeped into wells, fires often, close buildings, narrow streets, garbage and waste in streets, much crime, gate locked at night
What were guilds? merchant organizations for a particular craft
Give the type of rules a guild gave its members. 1) set standards for products 2) set prices 3) no outside craftsmen could work in town 4) paid dues 5) sick get money from dues 6) family members of the dead got $ 7) regulated cost of products
What steps were needed to become a master craftsman? 1) apprentice 2) journeyman
Tell about an apprentice. 7 years; no pay, got room and board; began to learn trade from master craftsman; did simple tasks
Tell about a journeyman. got small pay; began doing actual jobs; took test of readiness for master craftsman in town
What were the Crusades? holy wars
What 2 groups were in the Crusades? Christians and Moslems
What caused the Crusades? Moslems took holy lands
What did Urban II want people to do? urged all Catholics to go and fight
How long were the Crusades? 200 years
What was the final outcome of the Crusades? Moslems still occupied holy lands
What were the 4 effects of the Crusades? 1) stimulated trade/got new products 2) began looking for new trade routes to East 3) got people out of Middle Ages 4) began Age of Exploration and later the Renaissance
What products were brought back to Europe during hte Crusades? spices, soap, glass, perfumes, gems, silk, dyes, medicine, steel, gun powder
Name 2 Italian cities which developed a monopoly on trade in the Mediterranean. Genoa, Venice
What age follwed the Middle Ages? Renaissance
What was the role of the Catholic church during the Middle Ages? was government as well as religion
What kinds of power did the Catholic church have during the Middle Ages that they don't have today? helped run Kingdoms, kept records, collected taxes, Popes ruled Kings
What was the controversy between Pope Gregory VII and the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry IV? Pope Gregory VII wasn't happy that Henry IV appointed bishops; He told him the stop; Henry IV refused and was excommunicated by Gregory VII.
What was the Black Plague and what did it do to Europe? serious disease carried by fleas on rats that killed 1/3 of Europe
In what month is Mrs. Soster's birthday? December
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