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Section 3 - Lesson 8


why are restraints used? so harm isn't done to the residents
what does ergonomics mean? it means adapting the environment to prevent body injury.
What is MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets - it explains whether you need personal protective equipment when using the products
Using your body correctly while you are working is called? body mechanics
Basic rules for lifting include bending from the ________ and not from the waist. hips & knees
An unexpected situation that can cause harm to an employee, a resident, or a visitor is called a/an _________. incident
Adapting the environment and using techniques and equipment to prevent body injury is called _________ ergonomics
You should use a _______when you need to transfer very heavy or dependent residents. mechanical lift
All residents must have access to a ________ because it may be the only way they have to summon help. call light
All manufacturers must supply _______ with the hazardous products they sell. MSDS
The section of the federal government that oversees employee safety is called _______ OSHA
A cut or break in the skin is called a/an ________. laceration
Any device that restricts a resident's movement is called a/an ________. physical restraint
_________ is the accidental entry of food or a foreign object into the trachea. aspiration
The acronym used to remember the sequence of critical actions in case of fire is _____ RACE
The type of extinguisher that can be used on all types of fires is the ________ extinguisher. ABC
An example of a disaster involving a long-term care facility would be a/an _______. earthquake
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