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section 3 - lesson 7

Residents' Rights

What is the purpose of the Residents' Rights document? to help the resident maintain the highest level of well-being possible.
What is the right of free choice resident has the right to make choices regarding medical treatment.
Name three examples of mental abuse making verbal threats, Humiliating the resident, Separating the resident from others against their will.
What does Corporal punishment mean? using painful treatment for correction of behavior
What is involuntary seclusion? isolating the resident when it is not part of a therapeutic plan
What is a chemical restraint it is when behavior is influenced by medication
The resident has the right to privacy when receiving nursing care or medical treatment
The right to confidentiality means information about the resident is available only to those who need it to provide care.
Accommodation of needs means that the staff must assist the resident to maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness
Power of Attorney for health care can can make health care decisions if the resident is unable to do so.
What is the living will? instructions for carrying out the resident's wishes if she has a terminal illness.
when is the hot-line used when the resident or family member has a complaint about the facility
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