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INSTE Discipleship 1

Following Jesus in Committed Service

Praying in the Will of God (Praying in the Spirit) - Always effective prayers (bless, rebuke satan) - Pending prayers (depends on God's will)
Types of Bible Study - Direct: Synthetic: book of the Bible as a whole; biographical; topical - Indirect (prepared Bible studies; sermons, etc.)
3 Enemies of our Faith - Flesh - World - Satan
The Armor of God Ep 6:10-17 1. Belt of truth 2. Breastplate of righteousness 3. Feet fitted with readiness of the Gospel 4. Shield of faith 5. Helmet of Salvation 6. Sword of the Spirit Putting on the armour of God assures victory over works of satan.
3 Types of Fasting 1. Natural: all foods (drinks ok) 2. Total: all food/drink 3. Partial: restricted (Corporate: Whole congregation or group)
9 Fruits of the Spirit (Character) 1. Love 2. Joy 3. Peace 4. Patience 5. Kindness 6. Goodness 7. Faith 8. Gentleness 9. Self Control 3. Peace 4. Patience 5.
The Johari Window (Used to analyze the effect of interpersonal relationships in the development of self-concept. - Open (known to us) - Hidden (known to us) - Blind (unknown to us) - Unknown (unknown to us)
12 One Another's 1. Be members of 2. Love 3. Honor 4. Be in one accord with 5. Accept 6. Serve 7. Carry burdens 8. Bear with 9. Submit to 10. Encourage 11. 12.
A balanced prayer life includes - Praise and thanksgiving - Confession and intercession - Supplication and petition
INSTE Level 1 Graduate description - Being: spiritual maturity - Knowing: identify spiritual gift & working knowledge of Bible and doctrine - Doing: formed habits (daily devotions,attend/support church, witness)
5 Levels of Communication - Prefabricated: superficial - Third person: impersonal - Communication of ideas: intellectual (Without emotion) - Communication of emotion - Total
Conflict - Disagreement of an opinion on a subject - Can lead to reconciliation - To mutually draw closer to each other
Problem - An unresolved conflict - Always means separation - To move away from each other
Reconciliation Based on a mutual coming together
Conflict: 2 basic reactions 1. Avoid it or ignore it = separation 2. Confront it and solve it = growth of relationship
2 Foundations of Reconciliation 1. Reconciliation begins with me 2. We have to risk confrontation
Benefits of Conflict - Deeper understanding & increased compassion - Recognize the Grace of God - Communicate more effectively - Learn about ourselves
3 Fundamental Components of INSTE 1. Daily study 2. Weekly meetings 3. Annual graduation of level 2 students
4 Factors of Christian formation (Hollands 2-Track Analogy) - Knowledge (left rail) - Experience (right rail) - Dynamic reflection (ties) - Spiritual Formation (railroad bed)
4 Components of Discipleship 1. Prayer 2. Fellowship 3. Bible 4. Witness Christ in the center
3 Fruits of Righteousness (conduct) 1. Fruit of the Gospel (witness) 2. Fruit of Service 3. Fruit of Praise
3 Tools for Systematic Bible Reading 1. Bible 2. Eyes 3. Spiritual Diary
3 Bible Study Tools 1. Concordance 2. Bible dictionary 3. Bible commentary
Plan of Salvation (1 of 2) 1. God loves the whole world, wants a relationship John 3:16 2. Eternally separated from God d/t sin and can't restore it Rom 3:23 3. God loves everyone, is Holy & Just. D/t sin, eternally sep from God in Hell Rom 6:23
Plan of Salvation (2 of 2) 4. Jesus died for sin; arose, ascended & only way to God Rom 5:8 5. Put your faith in Jesus, receive forgiveness, reconciled to God Rom 10:9-10 6. Turn from sin, repent, surrender Gal 2:20 7. Receive Christ, Spirit of God, life pleasing to God 2 Cor 5:
INSTE LEVEL 1 Goal To make disciples
Topical Bible Study (Direct) 1. Choose a topic 2. Look up references for the topic 3. Read each passage & summarize in a descriptive phrase. 4. Organize subject material (Optional: Choose a key verse) 5. Apply the study
Biographical Bible Study (Direct) 1. Choose a Bible character 2. Search for Bible references/information 3. Do an "interview" w/Bible character 4. Summarize important points of the study (Optional: Choose a key verse) 5. Apply the lesson personally
Synthetic Bible Study (Direct) To get to know a book of the bible as a whole: 1. Choose a book 2. Write an intro 3. Determine divisions/paragraphs 4. Title each section 5. Develop an outline 6. Write paragraph summary 7. Write a personal application
Discovering the Will of God 1. The Word of God reveals His Wll 2. God speaks through circumstances 3. The Voice of the Holy Spirit guides us
7 Steps to discovering the will of God 1. Pray (daily re: situation) 2. Listen (during prayer times) 3. Read (study Word of God re: situation) 4. Seek (counsel) 5. Evaluate (spiritual guidance) & make a reasonable, prayerful decision 6. Act (put decision into action) 7. Persevere
Biblical Base of Discipleship - Social: Intimate relationship - Intellectual: Instruction in the Word of God - Volitional: Commitment to God
The Command of the Great Commission (Tasks of a discipler) Make disciples: - Evangelization: baptizing - Edification: teaching
The Mark or Sign of being a disciple of Christ Submission to the authority of Christ.
Personal Testimony - Life before Christ - Your conversion - How your life has changed
Biblical reaction to conflict Reestablish peace among brothers
Created by: ymoseley
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