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Phlebo quiz


The insertion of a needle or cannula into a vein for the purpose of withdrawing blood is Phlebotomy
The study of blood Hematology
Which of the followingis the liquid or fluid portion of the blood? Plasma
The red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets are known as the Formed elements
Whole blood is The total volume of plasa and formed elements
Which of hte followng is a protein that contains iron and is the main component of erythrocytes? Hemoglobin
The function of the leukocytes is to Protect the body against infection
Which of the folowing play a vital role in the exchange of gases b/t blood and body cels erythrocytes
Which of the following are grandular leukocytes that produce the chemical histamine and aid the bod in controlin allergic reactions and other exaggerated immnologic responses? Basophiles
which of the foowing are nongrandullar leukocytes that produce antibodis to combat specific pathogens? Lymphocytes
Which of the following is the clear, yellow liquid in whihc the formd elemennts of blood are suspended? Plasma
Plasma is __ percent of water 90
The clear, yellow liquid that emains after a blood clot forms is the Serum
The protein involved in clotting is the Fibrinogen
The process of clotting is called coagulation
Which of the following refers to the rupturing of red blood cells, which reease hemoglobin that can cause kidnehy failure and death after an incompatible bood transfusion? Hemolysis
Which of the fllowing is generally used to cleanse the skin before drawing blood? Alcohol
Wwhich of following would be part of the preparation for gluscose tolerance test? E
The most common sites for venipuncture are the Median cubital and cephaic vein
The first line of defense during a phlebotomy procedure is Gloves
Which of the following would you include when preparing a venipuncture site? Cleanse the venipuncture site using a circular motion starting at the cener and working outward
Which cloo collection device uses interchangeable collection tubes that allow you to draw several blood specimens from the same venipuncture site Evacuation system
Which procedure for obtaining a blood sample in adults and children is usually performed on he iddle finger or the ring finger? Capillary puncture
Which method of drawng blood wouldyou use on aatient with sma or fragile veins? Butterfly
Which of the following is characterist of the capilary puncture? THe patient's nondominant hand is used
Which of the following is used in the capilary puncture technique? Lancet
Which of the following is characteristic of lancets They are small disposable instruments with a sharp point used to puncure the skn
A small, calibrated glass tube that holds a precise volume of fluid is called a Micropipette
Which of thefollowing test require the use of a blood collection tube with agray stopper? Blood glucose
Which tests require the use of collection tube with a green stopper?? Electrolyte studies and arterial blood gases
Blood grouping and typing and an AIDS antibody test must be preformed with a collection tube with what color stopper Red
A blood-colection tube with what color stopper requires no additives Red
The best site for drawing blood from an infant the heel
Which of the following is important when drawing blod from children Gather your supplies and smaples as quickly as possible to aviod alarming the child with blood collection tubes
Which of the following is important when drawing blood from an elderly patient? recognize changes in skin conditions that increase brusing
Hemophila is a disorder in ehich theblood does no coagulate at a would or puncture site.
After how many unsuccessful attempts at obtaining a good blood sample should you seek assistant from your supevisor or the doctor two
A BUN test is used to identify Kidney disorder
An RBC test is used to identify anemia
Blood test for potassium and sodium identify fluid and electrolyte imbalances
A blood test that measures CK can identify Heart diease
Which blood test identifies coronary artery diease and atherosclerosis total cholesterol
Cout is identiified by which of type of blood test Uric acid
The normal range for potassium in the blood 3.5-.3 mEq/L
Normal PT is 9-12 second
normal blood calcium level 8.5-10.8 mg/dl
normal sodium blood level 135-147 mEq/L
normal blood glucose level 70-110 mg/dl
Which of the following identifies how much of the colume of a sample is made up of red blood cells after the sample has been spun in a centrifuge hematocrit determination
Which of the following is specia piece of equipment that alloqs you to count blood cells by examining a diluated blood sample under a microscope? a Hemocytometer
Whic of the following refers to thestudy of the shape or form of objects phagocytosis
ELISA and Western blot tests are sed to confirm which of the following diagnoses? HIV infection
The hemoglobin ALc test reflects the blood gluucose level over a __ period of time. Three month
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