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LE lower extremity
lg large
liq liquid
LL left leg
LLE left lower extremity
LLQ left lower quadrant
LPN licensed practical nurse
lt left
LTC long-term care
LTCF long-term care facility
LUQ left upper quadrant
max maximum
mech soft mechanical soft
meds medications
ML milliliter
mod moderate
MRSA methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus
NAS no added salt
NPO nothing by mouth
N & V nausea and vomiting
O2 oxygen
OT occupational therapy
AD Activity Director
ad lib as desired
ADLs activities of daily living
am morning
amb ambulate
amt amount
AROM active range of motion
ASAP as soon as possible
assist assistance
as tol as tolerated
ax axillary (under the arm)
B bowel and bladder
BB bed bath
bilat bilateral
BKA below-the-knee amputaion
BM bowel movement
BP blood pressure
BR bed rest or bathroom
BRP bathroom
BSC bedside commode
C Celsius or centigrade
cm centimeter
cath catheter
CHF congestive heart failure
cl liq clear liquid
CMA certified medication aide
CNA certified nursing assistant
c/o complains of
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation
CVA cerebrovascular accident ,stroke
dep dependent
dept. department
diab diabetes
DNR do not resuscitate
Dr. doctor
ext. extension
F fahrenheit
FF force fluids
freq frequently
FWB full weight bearing
Fx fracture
g/c geriatric chair
H2O water
HOB head of bed
HOH hard of hearing
hr hour
ht height
I intake and output
isol isolation
PCT patient care technician
pm afternoon
po by mouth
preop preoperative
prn as needed
prom passive range of motion
pt patient
PT physical therapy
PWB partial weight bearing
quad quadrant
R rectal or respiration
reg regular
rehab rehabilitation
res resident
resp respirations
RL right leg
RLE right lower extremity
RLQ right lower quaderant
rm room
RN registered nurse
RNA restorative nursing assistant
ROM range of motion
rt right
RT respiratory therapy
RUE right upper extremity
RUQ right upper quadrant
sm small
SNF skilled nursing facility
ST speech therapy
stat immediately
Std prec standard precautions
supp suppository
SW social worker
T or temp temperature
TLC tender loving care
TPR temperature, pulse, respiration
Tx traction, treatment
UA or UIA urinalysis
UTI urinary tract infection
VS vital signs
WA or WIA while awake
WB weight bearing
WBAT weight bearing as tolerated
w/c wheelchair
wt weight
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