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religion final 3

corporal work of mercy bury the dead
teaching authority of the church magisterium
a sacrament of initiation baptism
a sacrament of ministry holy orders
the lord's supper eucharist
holy oil mass
a joyful mystery of the rosary chrism
first part of the mass liturgy of the word
a sorrowful mystery agony in the garden
'a place to be alone' monastery
special actions of Jesus in the Church sacraments
one of the benefits of celibacy flexibility of movement
'god-bearer' theotokos
words used in sacraments form
helps us become aware of our weaknesses penance
order that emphasizes poverty mendicant
actions of a sacrament ritual
material used in sacraments matter
largest diocese in New Jersey newark
this was introduced to combat financial abuses in the early church celibacy
a gift of the holy spirit knowledge
most ancient marriages were seen as this contract
he administers the sacraments of confirmation and holy orders bishop
before a man can enter a seminary, he must become this candidate
court that decides annulments tribunal
jesus did not allow this divorce
where a man studies to become a priest seminary
one of the church documents needed to get married baptismal certificate
sacrament of ministry magisterium
married couples talking to engaged couples pre-cana
the catholic teaching of no women priests is tradition, not ... dogma
order that emphasizes prayer contemplative
declaration that a marriage never truly existed anulment
a person learning the catholic faith catechumen
corporal work of mercy shelter the homeless
sacrament of initiation confirmation
a gift of the holy spirit understanding
presence of jesus under the appearance of bread and wine transubstantiation
type of baptism immersion
'thanksgiving' eucharist
type of baptism sprinkling
corporal work of mercy feed the hungry
given to the groom by the bride's father dowry
type of order that works in the outside world active
all Christians may administer this sacrament baptism
'universal' , 'open to all' catholic
a sacrament of healing penance
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