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religion final 2

forty days after easter ascension
study of the 'last things' eschatology
authored by john revelation
full members of the church laity
god became man in jesus incarnation
the birthday of the church pentecost
these deacons will become priests transitional
believed Jesus had secret knowledge Gnostics
said flesh was evil & jesus was not human menicheans
august 15 assumption
'helper' , 'advocate' paraclete
islamic month of fasting ramadan
december 8 immaculate conception
'teaching of the apostles' didache
islamic name for god allah
movement to restore the unity of christianity ecumenism
bishop of rome pope
'sound down' esplain the gospel message in depth catechesis
type of miracle healing
diocese where Holy cross is located trenton
eternal life with God heaven
preaching to believers kerygma
second coming of Jesus parousia
type of miracle nature
men ordained to preach the gospel and administer the sacraments priests
founder of islam muhammad
november 1
they elect and assist the pope
eternal separation from god
author of acts of the apostles
a bad habit that turns us from good and inclines us towards evil
language of the poeple
who 666 probably stands for in Revelation
these deacons may be married
they are in charge of a diocese
an offense against god and others
this trinity expresses 'god for us
this trinity expresses 'god in himself'
january 1
takes places immediately after death
believed Jesus only appeared to be human
believed jesus was the best of all creation but he was not god
false teachings about jesus
wrote most of the letters
type of miracle
holy city of islam
scripture of islam
serious sin that results in the loss of god's life in us
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