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religion final 1

religion final

god does not change immutable
not sure of doesn't care if God exists agnostic
only sees the negative cynicism
cheerful but maybe too easy going sanguine
fourth book of the Torah numbers
always was and always will be eternal
first book of the Torah genesis
proclaimer evangelist
all powerful omnipotent
calm but maybe lazy phlegmatic
symbol of mark lion
in the year of the Lord annodomini
land promised to the Israelites canann
greatest theological virtue love
God is different and apart from creation transcendant
wrote his Gospel first mark
god is everywhere and unlimited infinite
Greatest king of the Jews david
theological virtue that enables us to believe in God faith
sees the positive first optimism
sees things exactly as they are realist
believes in a personal God theist
wrote the last gospel john
believes in one God monotheist
third book of the Torah Leviticus
wrote to jews Matthew
there is no other god. he is ... unique
some things are better than other. there must be a best gradation
symbol of luke ox
God is close to and part of creation immanent
wrote from Greece Luke
believes in an impersonal God deist
old testament name for god Yahweh
first king of the Jews saul
second book of the Torah exodus
king that built the Temple solomon
believes in many gods polytheist
thoughtful by maybe moody melancholic
human condition that makes evil look attractive original sin
last book of the Torah deuteronomy
aggressive but maybe bossy choleric
place of Jesus' birth bethlehem
symbol of john eagle
believes everything is god pantheist
early name for Christians nazarenes
always sees the positive idealism
sees the negative first pessimism
god acts, loves & is part of creation. He is... personal
'anointed one' christ
believes in no god atheist
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