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Muscles and Joints

muscles and joints

latissimus dorsi originates from the vertebrae of the lower back, crosses the lower half of the thoracic region and passes between the humerus and scapula to insert on the anterior surface of the humerus. Forms the posterior border of the armpit.
pectoralis major large, fan-shaped muscle that crosses the upper part of the front of the chest.
gluteus maximus buttocks
gluteus medius located above the upper outer quandrant of the buttocks.
arthralgia Pain in the joints
atrophy wasting away, without development
contracture Abnormal bending of the joint into a fixed position
fascia Thin sheets of fibrous connective tissue that penetrate and cover the entire muscle, holding the fibers together
insertion The point of attachment of a muscle to a bone that moves
involuntary muscle Muscles that act without conscious control
pelvic girdle weakness Weakness of the muscles of the pelvic girdle (the muscles that extend the hip and knee joint)
striated muscle muscles that have a striped appearance
torso The main part of the body
ball-and-socket joint allows movements in many directions around a central joint
bunionectomy surgical removal of a bunion
photosensitivity Increased reaction of the skin to exposure to light
sciatica Inflammation of the sciatic nerve
subluxation An incomplete dislocation
suture an immovable joint
synovial fluid A thick lubricating fluid located in synovial joints
viscous sticky; gelatinous
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