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vocab words for ss

6th grade vocab and terms

The fertile cresent land in the shape of a semi circle it was in a great location for planting
Artifact Hand made item that shows importance of history
Empire A natoin ruled by an emperor
Domestication To tame or convert
Irrigation Taking water from a stream and making a path for the water to get to crops
Silt fine dirt,dirt for planting
rural country side,farm land
urban city life
social hierarchy leaders are ranked over each other
circa aproximatley
polythiesm the act of having many gods
hammurabis code a code of laws these were diffrent because he did not believe in being a cruel leader
city-state city in the center farms on the outside
primary source a sourse that was there at that time in history
secondary sourse a sourse that has not been in that time in history
delta a stream tht splits in to lots of streams
dynasty a genaratoin of kings
peasent an avrege person
elite very important person
mummy preserved dead person
tomb place were mummys are beried
rosetta stone a stone with three languges that lets us understan egyption
heir next in line
monothiesm beleives in one god
puppet king king who looks like he does all the work but does'nt really
Created by: adambaron