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world history shafer


Kind of government with a King Monarchy
System of government where the porperty is owned and controlled by the people as a whole not government or individuals Socialism
Person who developed idea of Socialism Karl Marx
Nationalistic form of government that also glorifies it's military might. Popular in the 1930's Fascism
Name of a Russian monarch Czar
Led to Russia leaving WWI and a civil war in their country. Russian revolution
Called the "mad monk". He helped the Russian royal family make decisions. Rasputin
Problem soldiers had with thier feet. Treated with oil and trying to keep feet dry. Trench Foot
The Nazi's believed who should rule and dominate Europe. Aryan Race
A downturn in the economy recession
The stock market on a steading increase over time bull market
The stock market on a steady decrease over time bear market
scarcity a lack of something
name for shacks and homes poor lived in during the depression Hoovervilles
a rise in prices inflation
a portion of a company stock/share
worlds largest stock market New York Stock Exchange
year of the stock market collapse 1929
buying stock on credit margin buying
name's for the 1920's Jazz Age/Roaring 20's
banning of alcohol in America Prohibition
name for a woman who dressed risky and had questionable morals in the 1920's flapper
the Scopes Monkey trial was about what? Evolution vs. Creationism
most countries controlled others because of their need of what? natural resources
to dominate or control a country politically, economically, or culturally imperialism
when a poor country relied on help from another country dependency
nations competing for imperial empires caused what increased tension and conflict
area that suffered most from imperialism Africa
most of the profits from imperialism went to the mother country
Created by: shafhistory