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Qualties of "Character" Vocabulary

Being aware of what is taking place around me so I can have the right responses. ALERTNESS
Showing the worth of a person or task by showing my undivided concentration. ATTENTIVENESS
Making my own schedule and priorities secondary to the wishes of those I serve. AVAILABILITY
Giving to others basic needs without having as my motive personal reward. BENEVOLENCE
Confidence that what I have to say is true, right and just. BOLDNESS
Knowing how important right timing is in accomplishing right actions. CAUTIOUSNESS
Investing whatever is necessary to heal the hurt of others. COMPASSION
Realizing that true happiness does not depend on material conditions. CONTENTMENT
Approaching a need, a task, or an idea from a new perspective. CREATIVITY
The ability to recognize key factors and finalize difficult decisions. DECISIVENESS
Limiting my freedom so I do not offend the tastes of those around me. DEFERENCE
Fulfilling what I consented to do, even if it means unexpected sacrifice. DEPENDABILITY
Purposing to accomplish right goals at the right time DETERMINATION
Investing my time and energy to complete each task assigned to me. DILIGENCE
Understanding the deeper reasons why things happen. DISCERNMENT
Recognizing and avoiding words, actions, and attitudes that could bring undesirable consequences. DISCRETION
The inward strength to withstand stress and do my best. ENDURANCE
Expressing joy in each task as I give it my best effort. ENTHUSIASM
Confidence that actions rooted in good character will yield the best outcome, even when I cannot see how. FAITH
Willingness to change plans or ideas without getting upset. FLEXIBILITY
Clearing the record of those who have wronged me and not holding a grudge. FORGIVENESS
Carefully managing my resources so I can freely give to those in need. GENEROSITY
Showing consideration and personal concern for others. GENTLENESS
Letting others know by my words and actions how they have benefited my life. GRATEFULNESS
Respecting others because of the higher authorities they represent. HONOR
Cheerfully sharing food, shelter, or conversation to benefit others. HOSPITALITY
Acknowledging that achievement results from the investment of others in my life. HUMILITY
Recognizing and doing what needs to be done before I am asked to do it. INITIATIVE
Maintaining a good attitude, even when faced with unpleasant conditions. JOYFULNESS
Taking personal responsibility to uphold what is pure, right and true. JUSTICE
Using difficult times to demonstrate my commitment to those I serve. LOYALTY
Yielding my personal rights and expectations with a desire to serve. MEEKNESS
Quickly and cheerfully carrying out the direction of those who are responsible for me. OBEDIENCE
Arranging myself and my surroundings to achieve greater efficiency. ORDERLINESS
Accepting a difficult situation without giving a deadline to remove it. PATIENCE
Guiding vital truths around another's mental roadblocks. PERSUASIVENESS
Showing esteem for others by doing the right thing at the right time. PUNCTUALITY
Finding practical uses for that which others would overlook or discard. RESOURCEFULNESS
Knowing and doing what is expected of me. RESPONSIBILITY
Structuring my life around that which cannot be destroyed or taken away. SECURITY
Rejecting wrong desires and doing what is right. SELF-CONTROL
Perceiving the true attitudes and emotions of those around me. SENSITIVITY
Eagerness to do what is right with transparent motives. SINCERITY
Knowing what factors will diminish the effectiveness of my work or words if neglected. THOROUGHNESS
Allowing myself and others to spend only what is necessary. THRIFTINESS
Realizing that everyone is at varying levels of character development. TOLERANCE
Earning future trust by accurately reporting past facts. TRUTHFULNESS
The moral excellence evident in my life as I consistently do what is right. VIRTUE
Seeing and responding to life situations from a perpective that transcends my current circumstances. WISDOM
Created by: lvthomas
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