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prefixes continued

prefixesmeaningwords used as example
cry(o) cold cryotherpy- treatment using cold as destructive medium
crypt(o) hidden cryptochidism-undescended hiddin testicles
dys difficult dyspnea- difficult breathing
glyco sugar,sweet glycosuria-abnormal presence of sugar in the urine
gyn-,gyneco female gynecomastia-an abnormal enlargement of male breast
hetero other,different heterogeneous-having non-uniform composition
homeo,homo same homogeny-likeness in structure or from
hydra,hydro water hydrocephalus-a conditon where abnormal amount of cerebrospinal fluid is present within the cranial vault
idio peculiar to the individual,distant idiopathy-any primary disease without apparent cause
iso equal,same isopia-equal vision in both eyes
mal bad malaise-a vague,uneasy feeling of body weaknedd
neo new,strange neoplasm-abnormal growth of new tissue, neonate-baby no older than 28 days
non not noncompliance-not adhering to a medical regimen
norm normal normoglycemic-normal blood glucose level
ortho straight othodontist-dentist who specialize in straighting teeth
oxy sharp,acute,rapid oxytocia-rapid labor
path(o) disease,suffering pathology-study of diseases
phage eat,consume phagocytosis-process by which cetain cells engulf and distroy microorganisms
pseudo false pseudocyesis- a condition were a woman believes she is preganat when she is not
sciero hard scierotic-pertaing to hardening of tissue
stereo solid,firmly,established,three dimensional stereognosis-the ability to perceive and understand the form of nature of objects by the sense of touch
tachy fast tachycardia-fast heart rate,tachypnea-fast breathing
terato malformed,monster teratogenious-the deveolpment of physical defects in an embryo
therap treatment therapist-a person with special skills who assits patients with disabilties or illness
thermo heat,warm thermometer-a device used to measure temperature
toxic poison toxicosis- disease cause by poision
xero dry xeroderma-dry skin
ana up,back again anabolism-bulding up
ante before antepartal-care of women before the delivery of her infant
cata,Kata- down,through catoblic illness-a disorder characterized by weight loss dimished muscles and body fat
gen beginning,origin genetic-pertaining to birth or origin
meta beyond,over,between,change or next to metaphysis-a region of growing bone in which diaphysis and epiphysis converge
noct(i) night nocturia-excessive urination at night
post after postprandial- after a meal
pre before preload-the stretch of ventricular muscle fibers at end diastole
prim first primipara-a women pregnant fo0r the first time
prot(O) first protozoon-a unicellular protist that ingests food
sym-,syn together,union synthesize-to form by buliding
ter(t) third tertiary-third in order; tertiary syphilis- the most advance stage of syphilis
acro extremity,tip acrocyanosis- blush color of hands and feet
co-,com-,con- with together congenital- born with,comminuted-crushed or broke3n into a number of pieces
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