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MedTerm 9-16

Medical Terminology 9-16

cali(o), calic(o) calix
cyst(o) bladder
glomerul(o) glomerulus
meato meatus
nephr(o) kidney
pyel(o) renal pelvis
ren(o) kidney
trigon(o) trigone
ur(o), urin(o) urine
ureter(o) ureter
urethr(o) urethra
vesic(o) bladder
amni(o) amnion
cervic(o) cervix
colp(o) vagina
episi(o) vulva
galact(o) milk
gynec(o) female
hyster(o) uterus
lact(o), lacti milk
mamm(o) breast
mast(o) breast
men(o) menstruation
metr(o) uterus
oo egg
oophor(o) ovary
ov(i), ov(o) egg
ovari(o) ovary
perine(o) perineum
salping(o) fallopian tube
uter(o) uterus
vagin(o) vagina
vulv(o) vulva
andr(o) men
balan(o) glans penis
epididym(o) epididymis
orch(o), orchi(o), orchid(o) testes
prostat(o) prostate gland
sperm(o), spermat(o) sperm
agglutin(o) agglutinin
eosino eosinophil
erythr(o) red
hemo, hemat(o) blood
leuk(o) white
phag(o) eating, devouring
thrombo(o) blood clot
aden(o) gland
immun(o) immunity
lymph(o) lymph
lymphaden(o) lymph nodes
lymphangi(o) lymphatic vessels
thym(o) thymus
tox(o), toxi, toxico poison
splen(o) spleen
an(o) anus
append(o), appendic(o) appendix
bil(o), bili bile
bucc(o) cheek
cec(o) cecum
celi(o) abdomen
chol(e), cholo bile
cholangi(o) bile vessel
cholecyst(o) gallbladder
choledoch(o) common bile duct
col(o), colon(o) colon
duoden(o) duodenum
enter(o) intestines
esophag(o) esophagus
gastr(o) stomach
gloss(o) tongue
gluc(o) glucose
glyc(o) sugar
glycogen(o) glycogen
hepat(o) liver
ile(o) ileum
jejun(o) jejunum
labi(o) lip
lingu(o) tongue
or(o) mouth
pancreat(o) pancreas
periton(eo) peritoneum
pharyng(o) pharynx
proct(o) anus, rectum
pylor(o) pylorus
rect(o) rectum
sial(o) saliva, salivary gland
sialaden(o) salivary gland
sigmoid(o) sigmoid colon
steat(o) fats
stomat(o) mouth
aden(o) gland
adren(o), adrenal(o) adrenal glands
gluc(o) glucose
glyc(o) glycogen
gonad(o) sex glands
pancreat(o) pancreas
parathyroid(o) parathyroid
thyr(o), thyroid(o) thyroid gland
cycl(o) ciliary body
dacry(o) tears
ir(o), irid(o) iris
kerat(o) cornea
lacrim(o) tears
mastoid(o) mastoid process
myring(o) eardrum, middle ear
nas(o) nose
ocul(o) eye
ophthalm(o) eye
opt(o), optic(o) eye
ossicul(o) ossicle
phac(o), phak(o) lens
pupill(o) pupil
retin(o) retina
scler(o) white of the eye
scot(o) darkness
tympan(o) eardrum, middle ear
uve(o) uvea
audi(o), audit(o) hearing
aur(o), auricul(o) hearing
blephar(o) eyelid
cerumin(o) wax
cochle(o) cochlea
conjunctiv(o) conjunctiva
cor(o), core(o) pupil
corne(o) cornea
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