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Berry CH Final

quiz yourself over church history!

What is the name of the Pharisee who helped spare the lives of Peter and John when he stood up in front of the Sanhedrin? Gamaliel
Jesus was very misunderstood by many of His Jewish contemporaries because they were expecting a Messiah who was more like a what? Military hero
The word Pharisee means what? Separated One
What word means universal? Catholic
What was Paul's profession? Tent-Maker
Which emperor blamed Christians for the fires of Rome? Nero
Where was Paul going when he was struck blind? Damascus
Performing baptisms naked was meant to symbolize what? New Birth
What is the Church's Birthday? Pentecost
Who had a dream in which God told him to "call nothing unclean" - meaning the old dietary laws were now unnecessary? Peter
What book of the Bible devotes at least half of it to Paul's extraordinary missionary work? Acts
What year was the Council of Jerusalem? 49
What year was the Jerusalem Temple destroyed? 70
What was Paul's hometown? Tarsus
We get the word Christ from what Jewish word? Messiah
How was St. Peter martyred? Crucified upside down
What does Peter's name mean? Rock
Paul is often called the Apostle to the _____ Gentilles
The Supreme Council of the Jews was called the _____ Sanhedrin
Who was the disciple that took a chance and accepted Paul into the Christian fold? Barnabas
This man stopped in Samaria to preach before the Gentiles were officially accepted into Christianity Philip
What event was held in 325? Council of Nicaea
Defenders of the faith were also known as Apologists
Which emperor ordered for Christianity to be the official religion and persecuted those who did not adhere to this decree? Theodosius
The Church’s procedure for re-accepting these people back into the faith became the beginning of what is now Reconciliation. Apostates
What was Emperor Constantine's decree of religious freedom called? Edict of Milan
In what year was the Edict of Milan? 312
What did St. Jerome write and in what language? Vulgate - Latin
Which saint is known as the “reluctant bishop of Milan?” Ambrose
Which work, written by St. Augustine, tells his autobiography? Confessions
What is the first name of the pope who stopped the advances of Attila the Hun Leo
Which saint formed a double monastery at Kildare? Brigid
Which saint is known as “the father of western monasticism?” Benedict
Pope Gregory the Great had a great effect on WHAT aspect of the liturgy? Music
Who defeated the Muslims and is known as “the hammer?” Charles Martel
Which emperor killed the MOST Christians? Diocletian
What was the name of Constantine’s capital? Constantinople
St. Antony is known as the first what? Anchorite
The founder of Arianism was… Arius
The first guy to place monasticism in a communal setting was … Basil
This word comes from the word for “shoulder” Scapular
The motto of st benedict, ora et labora, means what? Prayer and work
St. Monica prayed for the conversion of what saint? Augustine
Pappas, or father, is where we get the word Pope
What year was Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor? 800
The papal states were donated by who? Pepin the Short
The practice of laypeople being able to appoint bishops was called what? Lay investiture
What event ended lay investiture? Concordat of worms
Michael Cerularius, the eastern patriarch, was _______________ by Cardinal Humbert Excommunicated
What did St. Thomas Aquinas write? Summa Theologiae
The ____________ Papacy took place in France for about 70 years. Avignon
Who was Charles Martel’s son? Pepin the Short
Who was Pepin the Short’s son? Charlemagne
The Inquisition was majorly influenced by what heresy? Albigensian
Albigensians were basically the updated version of what heresy? Manicheans
Who was called the dumb ox? Thomas Aquinas
What was done without the permission of the Pope? People's Crusade
St. Thomas Becket was martyred during Mass under the orders of what British king? Henry II
Who wrote the 95 Theses and in what year? Luther, 1517
Which Reformer went to Switzerland to set up a theocracy? Calvin
What major Protestant doctrine did Calvin introduce to Christianity? Predestination
Which reformer believed in the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist? Luther
Which king was declared a “defender of the faith?” Henry VIII
Henry VIII always considered himself to be a _____. Catholic
What church did Henry VIII found? Church of England/Anglican
Who is the saint who was chancellor to Henry VIII, but then was beheaded? Thomas More
Who was invited to the Council of Trent but did not show up? The Protestant Reformers
What major Church council reaffirmed all the sacraments? Trent
The Jesuits were founded by whom? St. Ignatius of Loyola
What did St. Ignatius write? The Spiritual Exercises
Luther believed that _______ was the sole religious authority, and left out Tradition. Scripture
In what country were Matteo Ricci's missionary efforts seen? China
Which religious order in particular was especially sensitive to other cultures when doing mission work? Jesuits
Roberto de Nobili dressed and lived as a what? Hindu Brahman
Who was the well-respected Jesuit missionary in China? Matteo Ricci
Who had settled some areas in Africa, making it difficult for the African natives to be open to accepting Christianity? Portuguese
How old was John XXIII when he became pope? 76
What was the year span of Vatican II? 62-65
What pope came after John XXIII and wrote most of the documents? Paul VI
The two sources the church returned to during Vatican ii were what? Scripture and tradition
What is the Italian word for renewal, which meant renewing the Church’s role and approach to the modern world? Aggiornamento
Until Vatican II, only the ________ could be Eucharistic ministers. Clergy
Vatican II was all about what kind of evangelization? Within the faith
How many documents written in Vatican II? 16
Created by: txteachersarah
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