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what to know

hs bedtime
C with, 100
Hx history
S without
Baro- weight, pressure
lymph clear sometimes yellowish fluid
Rx prescription
a- without, away from
-itis inflammation
oculo-, ocul/o eye
chromo- color
Dx diagnosis
anthro- human life
Px prognosis, predictable outcome
pyret/o fever
-meter measurement
oro- mouth
Tx treatment
Bx biopsy
Preop, pre-op preoperative
O2 oxygen
flex to bend
leuk/o white
pt patient
gingiv. gingiv/o gums
meso- middle
Wt weight
-form shape
-able capable
-betes to go
intra- within
-physis growth
-tripsy surgical crushing
macro- large
brady- slow
hydro- water
-orexia appetite
super above, excess
-ole small
duoden/o duodenum
-ior pertaining to
-dipsia thirst
mono- one
col, colo, colon/o colon
-ectomy surgical removal/excision
circum- around
endo- within, inner
poly- many, excessive
an, ano anus
poster/o back
neo- new
albumin/o protein
arteri/o artery
-capnia carbon dioxide
para- beside,beyond
-ar pertaining to
-ous pertaining to
uln/o ulna
lingu/o tongue
-tic pertaining to
ox/i oxygen
femor/o femur
splen/o spleen
-stasis standing still
-emia blood condition
Cx cervix
intra- within
-ic pertaining to
-cyte cell
coagul/o clotting
bi/o life
derm/o, dermat/o skin
-penia abnormal decrease
-apheresis removal, carry away
-globin protein
sanguin/o blood
tachy- rapid, fast
-poiesis formation
ultra- beyond
granul/o granules
trans- across
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