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Gospel Review

Junior Final Review

symbolic/sacramental gospel John
42 generations between Jesus and Abraham Matthew
"In the beginning was the Word...." John
Calls miracles "signs" John
Has 7 "I AM" statements John
Used M as a source Matthew
Written in orderly 5 part structure to reflect the Torah Matthew
Wise men in infancy narrative Matthew
Ends shortly after Crucifixion Mark
Presents Jesus as supreme authority over the Mosaic Law Matthew
Focuses on women, the Holy Spirit, peace, and joy Luke
Jesus as Messiah and Teacher Matthew
Jesus as New Moses Matthew
Jesus = "Son of David" Matthew
Uses "Son of Man" 14 times Mark
Peter as the "rock" Matthew
Not much of Jesus' teachings, but very fast paced gospel Mark
Written to Gentile-Christians Luke
Written to persecuted Christians Mark
"I have not come to abolish but to fulfill" Matthew
uses "ekklesia" Matthew
Written before 70 AD (destruction of Temple) Mark
Author wants to show Jesus is INNOCENT in the eyes of Roman officials Luke
Famous for parables like Prodigal Son, Good Samaritan Luke
Shows Jesus washing disciples' feet John
No parables John
Darkness covers the land as Jesus dies Luke
Jesus' own family doesn't even understand him Mark
Shortest gospel Mark
Has the Woman at the Well John
Strong focus on social justice and helping the poor Luke
5 long ethical discourses on morality and theology Matthew
Disciples very dense and don't quite "get it" Mark
Includes Zacchaeus the tax collector Luke
Jesus explains each miracle to further reveal who he is John
Uses the term "immediately" to demonstrate urgency Mark
Symbol: Lion Mark
Peaceful portrayal of the Cross: "Father, into Your hands I comment my spirit' Luke
First gospel written Mark
Symbol: eagle John
You know instantly that Jesus is the divine Son of God John
Includes the Annunciation and Visitation Luke
Synoptic gospel without an infancy narrative Mark
has Doubting Thomas as a post-Resurrection story John
favorite title for Jesus is Lord Luke
Jesus as the eternal Word of God John
Earthquake during Jesus' death Matthew
includes raising of Lazarus John
"My dear Theophilus" Luke
Prayer is a theme - Jesus prays frequently Luke
Main ethical teaching is to "love one another' John
Only gospel without a Baptism account John
written by a physician Luke
Includes the Ascension Luke
calls God's kingdom the "kingdom of heaven" Matthew
Jesus = Suffering Servant Mark
Jesus as universal Savior Luke
Large focus on Mary, mother of Jesus Luke
Symbol: ox/bull Luke
Emphasis on High Christology (descending Christology, Jesus is Divine but descends to earth to be with us) John
Includes Book of Signs and Book of Glory John
Last gospel written John
Most Jewish of the gospels Matthew
Created by: txteachersarah
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