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WWI Terms-shafer

WWI Terms---Shafer---Whitehall

A movement led by Russia to unite all Slavic speaking people. Pan-Slavism
A symbol which represents the filling of a barrel with causes until it explodes Powderkeg
events that are often times hidden underlying causes
glorification of arms forces....the belief you can solve your nations problems through force. militarism
competition between nations dealing with weapons arms race
domination of a nation by another imperialism
a unified group alliance
Italy, Germany and Austria-Hungary Central Powers
Russia, GB, France Allies/Allied Powers
Another name for the Allied Powers Triple Entente
Austrian Hungarian archduke who was assasinated trigering WWI. Francis Ferdinand
Leader of the assasins who killed the archduke Gavrillo Princip
name of terrorist organization who had a role in assisination of archduke Black Hand
a series of demands ultimatum
to prepare for war mobilize
Germany offered Austria-hungary unlimited support Blank Check
To stay out of conflict. America chose this in the early years of the war. Neutrality
fighting in more than one location at a time. Germany's plan was to avoid this. two front war
where all people and parts of a country are involved with war. total war
German plan to avoid two front war. Attack France quickly then turn on Russia. Schlieffen Plan
Digging holes and fighting out of them. Very little advancement in fighting. Trench warfare
Area between trenches where no one dared to go. No man's land
Fighting on border area of Russia Eastern Front
Fighting line in France Western Front
Famous novel and movie about conditions of WWI "All Quiet on the Western Front"
boat that goes under water U-boat
to be drafted into battle conscription
horrible acts during war atrocities
Agreement for Russia to leave WWI Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Passenger ship sunk by Germans killing 128 Americans and causing much American anger. Lusitania
means to sink all types of ships in a war zone Unrestricted sub-warfare
telegram asking Mexico to attack America. Event that brougth America into WWI Zimmerman Note
American President who tried to bring about a fair resolution to WWI Woodrow Wilson
Plan for peace and rebuilding of Europe after WWI. Proposed by American president. 14 points
A cease fire or pause in conflict armistice
leaders of France, GB and US big three
treaty ending WWI Treaty of Versailles
part of treaty ending war that blamed Germany for entire war Article 231/War guilt clause
leader of revolution against Russian Czar Mr. Shafer
color of the communist party Red
name of communist party Bolsheviks
name of Russia after the revolution U.S.S.R. or Soviet Union
when no one holds an advantage Stalemate
Included Mustard and Chlorine Poisonous Gases
Trying to convince people to believe something nations used Propaganda
Weapon which caused the stalemate Machine Gun
Pieces of bomb and granades that fly out Shrapnel
To try and wear out your enemy War of attrition
To block supplioes into a country Blockade
To have limits on food and supplies rationing
Condition common to soldiers in WWI Trench Foot
Another name for Shell Shock Post traumatic stress disorder
name of a Russian leader Tzar
Location of signing of the Peace Treaty palace of Versailles
repaying war debts reparations
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