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Whitehall WWII Terms

WWII Terms---Shafer---Whitehall

Soviet leader during WWII. Purged, or got rid of all who opposed him. Joseph Stalin
Wrote Mein Kampf. Fascist leader of Germany Adolf Hitler
National Socialist party of Germany. Nazi
Discrimination or hatred of Jews. Anti-Semitism
Locations where Germans sent Jews and undesirables to work and be exterminated. Concentration Camps
Most famous and horrific of Nazi death camps. Auschwitz
Called Operation Overlord. Allied invasion of France D-Day
Policy of given in to demands. Appeasement
Fascist leader of Italy. Friend of Adolf Hitler Benito Mussolini
The idea of keeping peace or avoiding conflict. Pacifism
Fascist leader of Spain. Francisco Franco
Considered superior group to other groups. Nazi's wanted to get rid of those who didn't fit into this group. Aryan Race
Leader of Britain at the start of WWII. Signed the Munich Aggrement and supported appeasement. Neville Chamberlain
Agreement between European leaders prior to WWII. Gave in to Hitlers demands. Munich Conference
Line of defenses created by the French prior to WWII. Maginot Line
Agreement between Stalin and Hitler to not fight each other. Non Agression Pact/Treaty
Means "Lightning War". German plan of attack Blitzkrieg
Attack on Great Britain by Germany. Sometimes called the London Blitz Operation Sea Lion
Name for allied invasion of France. Operation Overlord
Royal British Air Force RAF
German Air Force Luftwaffe
German attack of Soviet Union Operation Barbarossa
Used to influnce peoples opinion on given subjects. Propaganda
American President at start of WWII. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Event that brought the US into WWII. Pearl Harbor
Date of attack on Pearl Harbor Dec. 7 1941
Germany, Italy, Japan Axis Powers
France, GB, Russia. America will enter the war in support of the Allies in 1941. Allied Powers
Battle for N. Africa. Major tank conflict between British and Germans. El Alamein
Horrific battle for key Russian city. Nazi's lost as many as 300,000 troops here. Stalingrad
Means "divine wind". Japanese suicide pilots. Kamikaze
Major American victory at sea. Major parts of Japanese navy destroyed. Battle of Midway
Emporer of Japan Hirohito
Attempt to exterminate Jews and undesirables during WWII Holocaust
Names of American atomic bombs. Little Boy and Fat Man
Last stage of Holocaust "the final solution"
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