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World History


Latitude angular distance north to south
Longitude angular distance east to west
John Calvin French Protestant who taught the doctrine predestination
Isabella d'Este First Ladfy of the Renaisssance
Predestination a doctrine stating that God chooses few "elect" to be saved and this has been determined since the beginning of time
John Knox a Scottish protestant who founded the Presbyterian Church
Huguenots protestant followers of John Calvin
Theocracy a government controlled by religious leaders
Anabaptist thought only adultscould decide to be baptized. They also believed in separation of Church and State
Index of Forbidden Books a list of books considered dangerous to the Catholic faith
Act of Supremecy a law making the English King, not the Pope the offical head of the Church of England
Henry VIII (the eighth) King of England who asked the pope for an annulment. Started the Church of England
Elizabeth I daughter of Henry VIII who returned her kingdom to Protestantism
Annul the action of setting aside marriage. This was done only by the Pope.
Excommunication an action being thrown out of the Catholic Church
Reformation a movement for religious reformwhich led to the founding Christian churched that did not accept the Pope's authority
Indulgence a pardon that when bought, released a sinner from performing a penalty for sins
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