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Age or Revolutions

10 vocabulary terms related final unit in Global History

SCIENTIFIC METHOD a logical procedure for gathering information about the natural world in which experimentation and observation are used to test hypotheses (Francis Bacon)
ENLIGHTENMENT an 18th century European movement in which thinkers attempted to apply the principles of reason and the scientific method to all aspects of society
ENLIGHTENED DESPOT monarchs inspired by Enlightenment ideas to rule justly and respect the rights of their subjects (ex
PHILOSOPHE one of a group of social thinkers in France during the Enlightenment
OLD REGIME the political and social system that existed in France before the French Revolution consisting of the First Estate (clergy), Second Estate (nobility) and Third Estate (townspeople)
FRENCH REVOLUTION political revolution in France in 1789 bringing about many changes in France; the revolution ended with a dictatorship under Napolean Bonaparte
ESTATES GENERAL an assembly of representatives from all three of the estates or social classes in France
DECLARATION of the RIGHTS of MAN revolutionary document of the French Revolution spelling out rights believed to be universal to all mankind; patterned on the American Declaration of Independence
REIGN of TERROR: the period when Maximilien Robespierre ruled France and thousands of political figures and ordinary citizens were executed
NAPOLEANIC CODE a comprehensive and uniform system of laws established for France by Napolean
American Revolution American Colonists fought for their independence from the British Monarchy. Enlightenment ideas influenced their actions.
Scientific Revolution After the Renaissance, a change in thinking about the new world occurred. Galileo and Copernicus used observation and asking questions to build new ideas about the natural world. The beginning of modern science.
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