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Chapter 18 section 2

renaissance in Europe

Renaissance movement or period of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity; a "re-birth" or revival The renaissance in europe was between 1350 and 1600.
perspective the technique of making scenes painted on a flat surface appear to tbe three D
fresco the art or techniques of painting with watercolors on wet plaster .Often frescos are on walls (murals) on ceilings example: Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo.
Utopia an imaginary island with a perfect social and political system, described in a book by Thomas More (English) Today word means a "perfect" place or situation.
essay short analytical literary compoistion written from a personal point of view.
Giotto early Italian painter 1st to make his painting appear 3-d rather than flat(worked in 1300's)
Leonardo da Vinci Italian architect, musican, botanist, engineer, artist. Most famous work is painting Mona Lisa
Raphael Italian, artist famous for FRESCOS especially of Madonna (Blessed Mother) famous for painting School of Athens
Michelangelo Italian artist was a painter, sculptor, and architect. Famous for painting Sistine Chapel, carving the Pieta (Mary and the crucified Christ) and David.
van Eyck Flemish artist known for realistic sytle
Durer German painter known for his etching/engraving
Printing Press first moving type printing press used in Gutenburg Germany. Important because the movable type press alloed books to be printed in the hundreds of copies- spread literature and information thru out Europe. Reduced the price and availability of books.
Reform Catholic Church was seen by many as being corrupt -reform was needed.
Eramus Dutch scholar wrote "in Praise of Folly" questioned the Church because he felt it was corrupt.
Thomas More English, scholar wrote "Utopia" describes a perfect world where different religious beliefs would be permitted.He wanted a simple life, and social equality
Montaigne French writer who believed that people were rational and able to make their own decisions (rather than the decisions made by the Church or government)
Shakespeare English, writer-his characters and plays were about "universal themes" (life and death and loyalty and betrayal)
Machiavelli Italian, diplomat who wrote a book "The Prince" to give advice on how to rule. o
What was Machiavelli's advice ? It is better for a leader to be feared than loved.
What do the writings of Machiavelli, Eramus and Thomas More have in common? All three men wrote about politics.
What ancient culture(s) did Europeans emphasize during the Renaissance? Ancient Greek and Roman because Renaissance leaders believed that Greeks and Romans enphasized the worth and creative potential of human beings, writing and r